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Iran Threatens to "Depose" Trump


Iran Threatens to ‘Depose’ Trump as Military Readies Missile Strikes

on U.S. Forces

Iranian officials urge greater confrontation with Trump

Originally Posted in the Washington Free Beacon 

Iran Threatens to ‘Depose’ Trump as Military Readies Missile Strikes on U.S. Forces

Iranian officials urge greater confrontation with Trump

By: Adam Kredo of Washington Free Beacon

A senior Iranian leader and confidant of the Islamic Republic's president is threatening to "depose" President Donald Trump if he continues his policy of confronting Iran and its terror proxy groups in the Middle East, according to recent comments that come as Iranian military leaders threaten missile strikes on U.S. forces and bases in the region.

Mostafa Tajzadeh, a leading Iranian politician and ally to President Hassan Rouhani, claimed this week that the Trump administration is too "fragile" to confront Iran and that if U.S. officials do "anything unwise against Iran," the Islamic Republic will see that Trump is "deposed," according to Farsi-language comments independently translated for the Washington Free Beacon.

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Deputy Journalist Schools LA Times...


Minimum Wage Increases Closing Restaurants

LA Times Columnist Make Excuses

By: Jake Fogg
Also creates job loss!

Over the last two years many localities across the United States have increased minimum wage requirements. And, the past couple years has also seen an increase in stories of restaurant closures in the affected areas.

While this is no surprise to many economists, right-leaning publications, and right-leaning intellectuals, the left has sought to debunk the connections between restaurant closures and the increase in local minimum wages.  

However, a recent study by Harvard University shows concrete evidence that, at least in San Francisco where the study was conducted , the minimum wage increase is directly impacting restaurant closings overall.  

The study indicates that minimum wage has an overall impact on restaurant closures in general, but qualifies the study by stating “While lower rated restaurants are driven to exit by increases to the minimum wage, higher rated restaurants tend to be more insulated from such shocks.”

This statement caused left-leaning Los Angeles Times Columnist, Michael Hiltzik to allege, “Minimum wage increases can kill businesses—if they already stink.”  While the study does say that restaurants with lower review ratings have a tendency of exiting, it also refers to restaurants being “closer to the margin of exit”, or in other words, who have a higher overhead compared to sales intake.

Low ratings, in Hiltzik’s view, are to understood as a result of poor business practices resulting in poor service and product.  The statement from the study that he focuses on is “A $1 increase in the minimum wage leads to a 14% increase in the likelihood of exit for a 3.5-star restaurant…but has no discernible impact for a 5-star.”

Hiltzik’s assertion is incorrect as he fails to see some very important points. The first is that some restaurants, are a “3.5” rating by design, even when doing business in a solvent, professional manner. They are essentially closer to “the margin” that the report refers to.

Karen Handel Wins Georgia 6th District!

Pajama Boy Loses! Republicans Laugh Their Ossoff!

By: Jake Fogg

Karen Handle won the special election Tuesday night, for the 6th congressional district concluding the most expensive house race in history. The seat, which has traditionally been held by Republicans since 1979 was vacated by Tom Price, who was appointed as President Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services.  

This is the runoff from the election back on April 18th, which due to the number of candidates from both parties, was essentially treated as a primary.  The April election resulted in Democrat Jon Ossoff to compete against Karen Handel.  

This election was to be a “referendum on Trump” according to the Chicago Tribune as well as other media heavy hitters. The Tribune also reported that this race was being watched as a “possible harbinger of the national dynamics ahead of the 2018 midterm elections”.  

According to most media outlets, Ossoff was favored to win the seat once held by former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. Jon Ossoff’s team, early in the campaign, tried to capitalize on anti-Trump sentiments with the slogan “Make Trump Furious”.

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Osoff Camp to Beacon--Get the HELL Out!


 Pajama Boy Manager 86's Free Beacon

Osoff's Manager Haworth Orders Reporter to Leave Campaign Speech 

By: JakeFogg

Jon Osoff’s campaign barred Washington Free Beacon reporter, Brent Scher from covering a speech to Osoff supporters on the eve of the special election. 

The reporter was approached immediately upon entering the event by Osoff spokesman, Sacha Haworth, who then escorted him out. When Scher asked why he could not cover the event, Haworth only said generically  “Thank you very much for your interest in covering our race.”

Scher then asked why the Free Beacon was not allowed to cover the race despite its interest, and Haworth said again, “Thank you very much for your interest in covering our race.” Prior to the ouster, the Osoff campaign has also refused to provide any campaign scheduling information to the Free Beacon.

Many other reporters were, however allowed to enter. Reporters from CNN, Huffington Post, and The New York Times were among those who criticized the campaign for preventing Scher from covering the event.

This should come as no surprise as the polarization in America continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. In addition, barring media that covers issues from an unsupportive perspective goes back to the beginning of the Obama administration.

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CNN and Washington Post Try to ...

Mainstream Media Pornography

Attempts To Sink Trump Via Menage Trois?

By: Jake Fogg

The Anatomy of a Lie!

The mainstream media has pushed a narrative to the extreme by doubling-down with a twist and double-speak, telling a story with no real facts or evidence.  One example of this molding of the “narrative” occurred on Friday, June 16th. It involves six authors, two news agencies, one “spokesman”, and a June 12th statement from a has-been from the past in an interview with yet another news reporting agency, ABC.

The major components of this story come from a CNN report and a June 14th Washington Post report that required a whopping six reporters.  The first two, Faith Karimi and Evan Perez, are from CNN, and Devlin Barrett, Adam Entous, Ellen Nakashima, and Sari Horowitz, are from Washington Post. Based on the quality of writing for both stories, it is possible to see why a total of six writers were required.

The story is another effort by both major organizations to turn the “Russian” collusion story into a “President Trump obstructed story”.  As in the previous narrative, CNN and Washington Post use the continued platform of alleging based on statements of “officials”, “sources”, “anonymous sources”, “sources close to…”, and “sources familiar with…”

On Friday, June 16, 2017, CNN reportedly spoke to Peter Carr, an apparent “spokesman” for Robert Mueller. Carr happens to be the only person actually named as having spoken to a reporter, at in this case, CNN.  According to Carr, Mueller has brought 13 “high powered” lawyers on board to handle the “Russian Investigation” with plans to hire more.

Apparently the names of five of the attorneys are known but the other 8 have not yet been identified. Two allegedly come from Mueller’s old law firm, Wilmer Hale and another, Andrew Weissman, is given accolades by CNN for having led the Enron investigation.

After this is mentioned, the writers for CNN went straight to a quote from Ken Star during an ABC News interview. The quote, “That is great, great team of complete professionals, so let’s let him do his job.” CNN mentions that Ken Star was the independent counsel whose investigation into Bill Clinton caused the former president’s impeachment.

Citizen Reporters Page
Arthur Christopher Shaper's Video in San Bernardino

 On Saturday, June 10, 2017, ACT for America staged , anti-Sharia  law rallies that took place in cities all over the United States. 

 Mainstream media sources such as the Washington Post, LA  Times,  Huffington Post, and many others mobilized to misreport  the rallies  as white supremacist “hate marches”. 

 With so much hatred existing within the mainstream media,  citizens  have taken it upon themselves to record footage and  provide  narration for what is happening.

 The Washington Post and other mainstream sources claim that  this  is a "white supremacist", comprised of "racists",  "Islamaphobes", and  "anti-government" militias.  

 However, it is apparent from this citizen reporter's camera lens and  interaction, that this the media's depiction of the "truth" is  questionable at best. 

Citizen Reporters Page
Arthur Christopher Shaper's Video at a Santa Ana Town Hall Meeting

 On Saturday, May 30 2017, citizens in Santa Ana,  California attended a town hall meeting in which  Congressman Lou Correa attempts to instruct illegal  immigrants on how to circumvent the American  immigration system with the recent tightening of  enforcement.    

 Very little was reported on this in the mainstream  media.

 The town hall meeting, which was held in a private  building, had the Mexican Consolate present, raising  questions as to intent of the congressman and the  legality of the meeting to begin with. 

 The meeting was eventually shut down, thus  preventing the ambiguous intent of the meeting from  being carried out.

 Reporter Arthur Shaper does an excellent job of  documentinig this as well as susuccessfully protesting  Correa and holding hihim m accountable. Other videos  show the hatred toward American Citizens outside the bulding.  

 The Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, LA Times,and other mainstream sources claim that the patriots engaged in civic proteses are  "white supremacist", comprised of  "racists", "Islamaphobes", and "anti-government" militias. However, this raw footage shows a multi-racial group of Americans with a united concern for enforcement of the federal laws.  

This video also demonstrates not only how incorrect the mainstream media is, but how much hatred it endorses. 

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Mainstream Media Helped Shooter...


 Media Encourages Violence

Five Wounded When Man Goes On Shooting Rampage

By: JakeFogg

James T. Hodgkinson opened fire at Republicans, injuring five people, at a baseball field in Alexandria Virginia.  House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, congressional staffer Zachary Barth, and three others were shot.  The victims are all expected to recover and the shooter is dead.

While the mainstream media has several news reports on the incident circulating, none of the “news” outlets are identifying or claiming responsibility for their role in what caused Hodgkinson to snap and go on a rampage.

A review of Hodgkinson’s Facebook page shows that he was a Bernie Sanders supporter who literally hated President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. The hatred that he had was obviously based on the typical rhetoric of the left.

However, almost all “news” information released by the mainstream media is manipulated to fit the leftist narrative.  Therefore, in addition to school indoctrination, which is where this hatred starts, it can also be said that what is considered “news reporting” today is what fuels the type of rage that caused Hodgkinson to go on a rampage.

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Obama, Next to be "Caesar"


Obama to Replace Trump as Caesar

Director, under pressure, considers alternative last  two New York play performances 

By: Internet Deputy Contributor

Carlos Reynoso 

NEW YORK- The Public Theater’s controversial theatrical production of Julius Ceasar, part of Shakespeare in the Park may be taking on an unexpected twist in its last two performances.

According to a disgruntled insider in the production, Director Oscar Eustis forced emergency rehearsals in order to switch casting for the Trump-like Caesar to one that looks like former president Barrack Obama.  

The disgruntled informant who is a long-time employee for The Public Theater said that all actors and employees involved in the production were instructed to remain silent on the topic.He said that the change in actors was a “contingency plan” to show "fairness" in case other sponsors threatened to pull support for the organization.

Public and conservative media outrage has already caused two major sponsors, Delta Airlines and Bank of America, to pull sponsorship for the project.

“No matter what your political stance may be, the graphic staging of ‘Julius Caesar’ at this summer’s free Shakespeare in the Park does not reflect Delta Air Lines’ values”, Delta said in a public statement Sunday when it announced that it was ending its sponsorship of the production.

In a recent interview with Backstage magazine, the

Citizen Reporters Page
We Are Change's Channel Video of NYC Anti-Sharia Protest

 On Saturday, June 10, 2017, ACT for America staged , anti-    Sharia law rallies that took place in cities all over the United  States. 

 This video shows, once again, that the mainstream media  accounts of these protests are completely opposite the truth. 

 This particular Anti Sharia protest video shows independent  journalist Lauren Southern being harassed without provocation by  counter-protestors. The person filming was also harrassed. . 

 A worthy note on this as well is that there was no arguement or  dialogue provided by those who the media refers to as "tolerant".


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