Twitter CEO Finally Admits What The World Has Known! Featured

Twitter CEO Finally Admits What The World Has Known! 
Dorsey's Interview With Podcaster Shows His Anti-First Amendment Stance 
By:Jake Fogg 

In a reversal on his previous position, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey somewhat told the truth during a podcast with Sam Harris regarding his blocking and banning of those with whom he disagrees.

According to News Busters, Harris probed Dorsey on why the company seems to “ reliably land on one side of the political divide”. Even with having banned many conservatives and right-leaning thinkers, the company has historically alleged that it was neutral and didn’t intentionally ban people based on their political beliefs.

Even early last year when Project Veritas caught Twitter’s own employees admitting to the company’s hatred of President Trump and his supporters, Twitter issued a statement that claimed that the employees’ values did not reflect that of the company itself.

In spite of all of the back peddling of the past, Twitter has been recognized as a radical leftist supporter and Dorsey only cemented that fact in the Dam Harris podcast.

Sam Harris pointed out that a progressive feminist was banned for tweeting that “Men are not women” and generally suggesting that there is a difference between transwomen and real women, while the extremist anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan is allowed to continue to use the platform.

Dorsey’s immediate response was “ I don’t believe that we can afford to take a neutral stance anymore. I don’t believe that we should optimize for neutrality.”

But, Dorsey did lie at one point when asked about why Twitter could not just ban actual violent speech, but allow all other speech. He skirted the question saying that the company’s policies follow “the spirit of” the First Amendment.

There are many former users, of course who would vouch for this blatant avoidance of the truth as their speech has been quashed and very much, not in the “spirit” of the First Amendment.

In fact the company allows actual terrorist organizations such as the Council of American Islam Relations (CAIR), Hamas, and Hezbollah to operate while having outright banned right-leaning commentators such as Gavin McInnes and Alex Jones.

Jack Dorsey has even gone as far as threatening  to suspend President Donald Trump’s Twitter account. But, he would likely not make such a move as prior to Trump’s bid for the Presidency, the company was hemorrhaging users at an alarming rate, thus  raising questions as to the company’s ability to remain a major player in the social media business.

An American President, especially as active as Donald Trump, using the platform maintains membership retention as the world seems eager to see what he will post next.


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