Welcome To Hell!
Democrat Controlled House Could Mean Reversal of Economic Successes of Last Two Years
By:Jake Fogg 

Republicans are expected to keep the Senate, adding new seats and Democrats are expected to take the house as of 11:53 pm Tuesday, Mid-Term Election Day, November 6, 2018. This will mean uncertainty for the Trump administration moving forward.

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 was essentially a last ditch effort on the part of the American people to restore the United States to the values that once made it a bastion of freedom where people did not rely on the government.

The Americans who voted Trump into office may see their lives change for the worse over the next two years. After all, the Democrat party has essentially transformed into the Radical Socialist Party of the United States.

Radical Democrats will now likely attack Donald Trump’s administration from as many angles as possible. Rep. Elijah, ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, called for subpoenas to be issued to the Trump administration on seven investigations which included immigration and Obamacare.

California Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who will likely be the Speaker of the House for the second time in her career, has made it clear that the Democrats intend to attack tax cuts which have aided to the largest economic boom in decades.

Rep. Maxine Waters, also from California, will likely become the chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee where she is already the Democrat ranking member. Another radical leftist, she has repeated called for the impeachment of President Trump. Waters has also called on constituents and protestors to harass Republicans in public places.

To add to the radical ranking Democrats in the House, a new breed of radical has been elected as well. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was elected as the youngest congresswoman. At 29 years of age Ocasio-Cortez is also perhaps one of the worst prepared for the job, showing little understanding of economics. Her platform is that “Socialism is better”.

The young New Yorker has had repeated gaffs since winning the primary, the one of the most memorable of which took place during a PBS interview. In that exchange she claimed that “unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs.” She also could not clearly explain what she meant by her own opinion that Israel is “occupying” Palestine.

It is difficult to know what this night has brought to the American people. If the last two years of polarization is any indication, the future could be dismal. Now, more than ever, the American people are divided along lines that are more clearly defined. One side knows they want freedom, and the other knows that they hate those who love freedom.


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