Project Veritas Second Deep-State Video Even More Alarming!

Project Veritas Second Deep-State Video Even More Alarming! Featured

Project Veritas Second Deep-State Video Even More Alarming!  
Democratic Socialists Use Federal Resources To Go After Opponents, Brag They Can't Get Fired

By: Jake Fogg

On September 19, Project Veritas released its second in a series of undercover videos that exposes the deep-state in more detail than the last with more contributors caught on film.  These former and current employees admit to using federal resources to violate privacy of individuals.

They have no problem violating the Hatch Act, a federal law passed in 1939 that limits federal employees from engaging in certain political activities. Thus far in this series three employees have admitted to committing federal crimes and two have

Jessica Schubel stated that she is a conduit for leakers who provide confidential material for her to give to the media and left-wing attorneys. Schubel would get information on Health Department policies that were being written but had not yet been finalized for release to the public.

Stuart Karaffa, who works for the State Department, uses his tax-payer funded time doing work for the Democratic Socialist of America(DSA). He brazenly admits to compiling information which he disseminates after work. Karaffa also acknowledges that he is in violation of laws that could cause him to go to jail for election violations—a point that he made with utter indifference.

Another federal employee, Allison Hrabar is a paralegal for the Department of Justice, and a leader in the DSA in Washington DC.  She is caught on video discussing the existence of an internal resistance. She spoke also of insider colleagues who intentionally slow down the processes of reforms that they disagree with—such as food stamp policy.

Hrabar detailed how she herself intentionally submits her work only minutes prior to deadline. She readily admits that her work adversely affects a company’s profits. More alarmingly, however is that this DSA operative likes to lead protests that take place at addresses that found by using her work-related access to private information.

The Department of Justice worker actually told the undercover journalists that she “ran the license plate” of an individual and was able to protest him at his home. In addition a friend of Hrabar is also on film claiming that she uses the private data firm Lexis Nexis, which is likely done using federal resources.

“She’s very good at researching people”, said the friend. Another friend of Hrabar’s was caught on audio acknowledging that she does indeed use LexisNexis and that “it’s great that she’s able to have that [expensive] resource at work and use it for DSA.”

But, perhaps the most shocking aspect of these deep-state individuals is that they brag about how difficult it is for federal employees do be fired. In fact, both Stuart Karaffa and Allison Hrabar boastfully laughed about how difficult it is to be terminated as federal employees.

In the second Project Veritas video, James O’Keefe stated that future videos would continue to call out the deep state operatives by name and identity. He also reminded the audience that “transparency belongs to those who govern and privacy belongs to the people.”

O’Keefe then finished by saying “If you think what you see here is bad, you won’t believe what’s next.”

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