Twitter Threatens To Silence Trump Amid 2018 Campaign Battle

Twitter Threatens To Silence Trump Amid 2018 Campaign Battle Featured

Twitter Threatens To Silence Trump Amid 2018 Campaign Battle
Politico Cites Mystery "Trump Critics" While Showing Support For Censorship 

By: Jake Fogg

In an interview with Politico, yesterday Twitter warned that even President Donald Trump could be banned for abusive behavior.  CEO Jack Dorsey and Twitter’s legal and policy chief Vijaya Gadde were in a side-by-side discussion with the leftist news organization.

Twitter’s rules against vitriolic statements, which generally lean against users on the right, offer a little leeway to public leaders because their statements are considered as newsworthy, but according to Vijaya Gadde, “it is not a blanket exception for the president or anyone else.”

Many on the left have criticized Donald Trump’s tweets claiming that they incited violence.  The Politico “news” article interviewing Twitter, for example, unprofessionally claimed that “Trump regularly uses Twitter to heap abuse on his perceived enemies and at times raise the specter of violence…”, using one of his Tweets against North Korea as an example.

The Politico piece also claims that “critics[Politico’s own staff members and their friends, likely]say the tweets violate Twitter terms of service and warrant punitive action.” Internet Deputy reached out to Politico to follow up on that particular statement to find out who the so-called critics were, but Politico refused  the call and hung up.

The Twitter CEO is due to testify before two congressional committees today about his company’s content practices.  When asked if he would personally have a part in silencing Donald Trump, he skirted the question.

“We have to balance it with the context that it’s in,” said Dorsey. “So my role is to ask questions and make sure we’re being impartial, and we’re upholding consistently our terms of service, including public interest.”

But Twitter is under pressure from both sides of the aisle. While the left criticizes the President for inciting violence, they would like to see his direct connection with the public via the platform banned.  2018 is an election year and silencing the President would, in their minds, help win back more Senate and Congressional seats.  

Trump’s current approval rating shows that everything that the mainstream media has done to separate Trump from his supporters has failed. Politico and others know that this is the only President in U.S. history to use such a platform to connect with the people.

The social media titan has long been known to censor users on the right of the political spectrum. In January of this year, Twitter’s silencing of users was exposed in an undercover video through Project Veritas.

The Veritas videos showed Twitter engineers and other employees admitting to targeting users they suspected as Trump supporters. They even went as far as to say that anyone that identified with the word “liberty” or had pictures of the American Flag in the profile was considered a Trump supporter and, thus banned.

But facebook and Twitter both have come under fire for their practices in recent months.  Certainly as the 2018 election has ramped up, 

so too has the level of both companies’ censorship of  not only common users, but high profile users such as the Trump Supporters known as Diamond and Silk and Alex Jones.

This has caused an outrage in the social media community and many are calling for a new social media company that won’t punish people for their political views. One such company, , whose promise is to “never punish users for believing in liberty,” has increased its user base by more than 2000 percent since the news of Alex Jones and Infowars last month.

Jones will also be testifying before the two congressional committees regarding his being banned by Facebook, itunes, and several other platforms last month. 

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