Soros Invests $3 Million In Nation's Top Communist News Paper Featured

Soros Invested $3 Million In Nation's Top Communist News Paper In May
Also Working With Google-YouTube To Silence Free Speech
By:Jake Fogg 

Progressive heavy hitter, George Soros bought a little over $3 million in stock holdings of the largest leftist  publisher in the United States, last month’s filings show.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, The New York City-based investment firm, Soros Fund Management LLC, purchased 126,400 publicly-traded shares in the nation’s top leftist news company. In its SEC reporting, the Soros Fund shows this as the first investment in the Times since 2007.

Media Research Center executive, Dan Gainor, weighed in on the matter by saying that the investment may be small in relation to the New York Time’s total value, but it would be “naïve” do “disconnect” the investment from one of the most powerful liberals.

“Soros has long had influence or given direct funding to a wide range of journalism operations from NPR to ProPublica,” said Gainor. “This is still a big step to be buying a $3 million stake in the top liberal outlet in America.”

In 2011 Gainor found that Soros gave at least $48 million into media ventures such as “journalism schools, investigative journalism, and even industry organizations” over an eight year period. The money he “donates” to these organizations often gets pushed to other leftist organizations, thus making it nearly impossible to track the true dollar amount given.

For example, as a major financier of the Alt-left organization, Media Matters, George Soros money will end up in other leftist organizations via the pseudo news outlet. Media Matters, in-turn, donates to socialist politicians, anti second amendment organizations, Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matters, etc.  

Soros is long known to invest in and donate to progressive causes in general which seek ultimately to institute a one-world communist government. Along with media entities, Soros donates heavily to the United Nations, who intends to destabilize the United States and other free societies.

Soros also contributes to the Google-YouTube “Creators for Change” campaign, which is an attempt to intimidate and silence those who disagree with leftist principles.

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