Reporting History To Fit ACommunist Narrative Will NOT Set You Free Featured

Reporting History To Fit ACommunist Narrative Will NOT Set You Free
But It Will Steal Liberty In The Name of “Human Rights” 
By:Jake Fogg 

Leftist writer Christopher Keelty decided to go on an age-old typical rant on how bad the United States is in his “It Was Never About Liberty” piece on

His amusing attempt to yet again slander American Exceptionalism tries to push most major progressive talking points but, as usual, ignores many historical points that contradict his very arguments.

His article really amounted to nothing more than one would hear the average pseudo-intellectual, America-hating progressive professor spew on any given day across the country on the campuses of what used to be known as “institutions of higher learning”. Indeed, Mr. Keetly is the product of a failed school system that is hell-bent on the implementation of a leftist ideology that has killed millions of people in many countries.

One of the first signs of his lack of understanding or interest in learning actual fact, was his inability to quote the Declaration of Independence correctly. As the included graphic indicates, lest he changes it after reading this piece, the word “unalienable” was misspelled as “inalienable” in the way those who have not taken the time to read it often mispronounce it. It is arguable if he has even read the Declaration of Independence in its entirety.

Speaking of the founding of this nation Christopher Keetly further demonstrated his lack of historical knowledge as well as his “woke” mindset.

In one of his references to Thomas Jeffrson he mentioned that the founder didn’t release his slaves due being “burdened with debt and accustomed to a wealthy lifestyle”, when in reality the law at that time prevented those in debt from releasing slaves. He also referred to Jefferson as a “serial rapist”, which by today’s leftist standard is any man who looks at pretty women.

Keetly also wrote about other slave issues as well as the the injustices committed against the Native American population. However, what he fails to mention is that conquest has been the norm throughout history. Indeed, since history is what Mr. Keetly is referring to, it is a wonder why he didn’t write more regarding the annihilation of the Greek and Christian civilization of Anatolia at the hands of Muslims, or Ghengis Khan whose conquest is estimated to have claimed more than 40 million lives, or the 20 million Russians who died under the iron fist of Joseph Stalin.

If Keetly was so concerned about American slavery, why doesn’t he address the fact that the very word “slave” is derived from the white Slavic people who were used in the slave trade by Muslims.

Christopher Keetly claimed that liberty really had nothing to do with American history and that it was all about making money. He alleged that capitalist policies have essentially bred inequality, yet he avoided the data regarding the impact of government-forced altruism on minorities as a whole.

In fact, before the civil rights movement, the percentage of businesses owned by blacks was far higher than it is today. And, while many ideologues like Keetly try to pass off black single-parenthood as a legacy of slavery, the truth is that just 60 years following the end of slavery, the level of single parents in the black community was of the lowest in the U.S. The destruction of the black family coincides with the implementation of various forms of welfare.

Leftist welfare policies, while touted as “helpful” and “caring” have served only to replace otherwise responsible parents with a taxpayer funded cushion that gives little incentive to do what it morally correct. Welfare programs have contributed to the inequality of many blacks and other minorities who have falsely have been taught that the government should take care of every need.

Minorities who make better choices and operate in the free market see more success and usually live more comfortably than those who depend on government provisions. Progressives claim that the free market system oppresses minorities.

But it is the left who runs the school systems that refuse to teach minorities, choosing instead to substitute valuable education with social justice indoctrination. Included in this indoctrination is the notion that the certain minorities have an eternal enemy in the American culture, the free market, and more specifically, white males.

Moreover, progressives claim that the free market is responsible for inequality that their own policies have caused. In other words, Keetly, inadvertently or otherwise, believes in his position without any intention to evaluate actual data. After all, the “equality” that he seeks is NOT of opportunity, but of outcome.

History has already shown the world that attempting to ensure this type of equality completely contradicts human nature and eventually ends in mass death, starvation, and complete loss of freedom. Sadly, as mentioned before, Keetly and his progressive friends refuse to acknowledge this in the same way he himself omitted certain points in his article, or simply didn’t know the facts.

But, Christopher Keetly also made sure to mention the need for gun control alleging that America refuses to study the affects of gun violence on society. Keetly, like his counterparts in the mainstream media chose to report from emotion rather than the data that is available.

Since Keetly wants to be heard while the rest of the media is still talking about the shooting in Florida, it is worthy to mention that most mass shootings occur in areas where it is literally broadcast that no opposition to a shooter exists. In cities where it is more difficult for the average citizen to acquire firearms, like Chicago and Baltimore, gun violence kills at an unprecedented rate. The entire state of Maryland’s firearm deaths have increased since introducing far stricter gun laws in 2013.

It is likely that the progressive writer also favors a ban on “assault weapons” as well. Most who claim to want this ban literally know nothing about firearms. But the true intent of the leftist as Keetly is to ban firearms all together, which, is also contrary to liberty.

Regardless of Keetly’s progressive slight of hand attempt to paint capitalism as anti-freedom, the purpose of firearms is less about self-protection, less about capitalism, and more about preventing a tyrannical government from usurping liberty. Sadly, Keetly likely believes that what he stands for is virtuous while those politicians he supports only use virtue to obtain more power.

In all of history there has never been a perfect government, and the United States is not immune from mistakes. However, what mistakes have been made have often been corrected with little or no acknowledgement from the left. Indeed, America did engage in slavery, but a costly and bloody war ended it. Conquest was a part of the founding, but it was substituted by the potential for wealth creation for anyone who wanted to attempt a better life.

Racism still exists, but it is left that continues to fuel it with its community organizers and pseudo-intellectual class who do so in the name of “social justice”. Capitalism has actually shown to be a great equalizer when allowed to operate. 

After all, Jim Crow laws were primarily instituted to prevent businesses from treating black customers as financial equals to whites. In other words, capitalism has a tendency to be blind to race or color in the attempt to grow wealth and prosperity. Even racist business owners find it difficult to indulge in their own biases when the bottom line is at stake. 

From the mid 1800s to the early 1920s, this country was flooded by people all over the world who sought the opportunities and the freedom they did not have in their own countries. Unlike today, the early immigrants had no promise of welfare or free services, just freedom and opportunity. Maybe some only wanted to make money, but without freedom, money is nothing if it isn’t confiscated “for the greater good”.

Keetly, like many other progressive authors consider little when they make their claims. They mention the U.S. backing certain governments they consider bad, except when it was “their guy” in office. They also have a tendency to forget the socialist/communist countries that their politicians tout as soon as financial instability and violations of humans rights are discovered. Let’s not forget how much Bernie Sanders loved Venezuela just three years ago.

The most appalling aspect of Mr. Keetly’s is his utter disregard for the armed forces. His assertion that the United States was “never about liberty” is a slap in the face of the men and women who risked their lives or gave the ultimate sacrifice. They certainly valued their freedom to the extent that they would put their life on the line for it.

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