Oregon Gov. Brown Caught Lying About Historic Gun Law Featured

Oregon Gov. Brown Caught Lying About "Historic" Gun Law!
New Sexist Law: One Night Stand Could Result In Loss of Gun Rights
By:Jake Fogg 

Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, continued her assault on freedom yesterday when she signed into law yet another piece of legislation that chips away at

the second amendment.

In the haste to join other progressive extremists in capitalizing on last month’s Florida school shooting, Brown gave law abiding citizens another reason to further separate themselves from those who have been convicted of certain crimes.

This is an idea that is actually contradicts the Democrat platform which typically encourages the public to see past a convict’s past.   

The bill originally proposed at the request of Brown almost a full month prior to the Florida shooting, closed up a loophole from a previous law that prevented a married spouse of a domestic violence or stalking convict from buying and keeping firearms.

Known as the “boyfriend loophole”, the new law now states that, among others, any person romantically involved with one of these convicts will also be prevented from owning a firearm.

Gov. Brown alleged that the bill was “historic” because it was advanced in response to the grim circumstances that occurred in Florida last month on the 14th. However, House Bill 4145 was originally proposed on January 20, 2018 and was well on its way to becoming law by the day before the Florida shooting.

In fact Oregon’s House web site shows the following vigorous legislative activity to have occurred prior to February 14th:

  • HOUSE Jan 22, 2018: Presession Released to the Public.
  • HOUSE Feb 5, 2018: First reading. Referred to Speaker's desk.
  • HOUSE Feb 5, 2018: Referred to Judiciary.
  • HOUSE Feb 7, 2018: Public Hearing held.
  • HOUSE Feb 9, 2018: Work Session held.
  • HOUSE Feb 12, 2018: Recommendation: Do pass with amendments and be printed A-Engrossed.
  • HOUSE Feb 13, 2018: Second reading.

Since this bill was already moving swiftly toward becoming law, it is likely that Gov. Kate Brown’s statement was really no more than an attempt to exploit the deaths of 17 people for the chance to make a public appearance.

After all, the governor and current Oregon legislature have already made clear their stand against freedom and the Second Amendment. Last August Brown signed a controversial bill into law that allowed the outright confiscation of firearm property from private individuals without a trial and based solely on hearsay.

But, to add to the contradictory nature of the progressive ideology, “boyfriend loophole” is itself a sexist term in that it assumes that only males can be convicted of domestic violence. While it could be said that this is an anti male bill fueled by radical feminism, it doesn’t address the ambiguity of the law, which could actually prevent a woman from being able to protect herself in the future.

In other words, what is actually considered “intimate”, according to the new law could literally be a single date or one night stand that results in the loss of a man or woman’s right to keep and bear arms. This brings forward another contradiction in progressive thinking.

If a woman becomes listed as an “intimate partner” due to a short relationship with a convict, her ability to defend herself from a rapist or other would-be attacker in her own home as a single person could be impeded for years following the end of the relationship. Owning firearms greatly increases the ability for a woman to defend herself against those men who might attempt to overpower her.

Gov. Brown and the current legislature show no signs of backing down where firearm rights are concerned. Having asserted themselves by reducing overall freedom in the state, Oregon’s citizens face an uncertain future in maintaining their liberty.

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