Deep-State Trying to Get Rid of Trump By Any Means Featured

Deep-State Trying to Topple, Assassinate Trump
Operatives Against Trump Working Against Will of the People May Cause Civil War
By:Jake Fogg 

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump vowed to his voters to “drain the swamp”, but it appears that this battle is being lost and the swamp is winning. If the “swamp” or deep-state wins, with or without an uprising against it, there will be grave consequences to all Americans.

The behavior of H.R. McMaster at the helm as the National Security Advisor, Congress working against the president, and the phony investigation of “Russian collusion” are all battles waged to prevent Trump’s promise.

The war against President Trump is obvious, and the deep-state media complex will stop at nothing to destroy the president’s agenda of tackling corruption in DC. This corruption has grown out of control, particularly over the last eight years, with Americans being forced to deal with the  fallout.

The deep-state media complex has engaged in leaking, lying, and even creating crimes that did not exist. With the “banana republic” atmosphere created in DC, it may not be a stretch to expect that the president could outright be murdered.

While this may be viewed or misinterpreted as a conflict between Trump and the deep-state, the reality is that this is an all-out war on Americans, liberty, and the Constitution. The corrupt establishment is against the people because of the obvious undertones being ignored or attacked by the deep-state media.

By countering Trump, the elites in Washington are essentially saying “We don’t care about the voters and their freedom any more. We will continue doing business in a corrupt manner that benefits ourselves because Americans are too stupid to live uncontrolled in a free society.”  These pseudo-intellectual elites of the deep-state have decided that they know better than “We the People”.

In 2016 Americans spoke by constitutionally electing Donald Trump as President of The United States. Therefore, the attempt to topple Trump, or even kill him, is a direct assault on the people who voted for him and, based on the reasons for their support, could conceivably be the cause of a civil war in the United States.

One of the players in the deep-state that is extremely instrumental in this potential cause of civil war is the head of National Security, H.R. McMaster. On August 3, The Washington Free Beacon reported that McMaster has been purging the administration of Trump loyalists and conservatives, while keeping Obama administration insiders

According to Trump administration insiders, as reported by the Beacon, there is a “larger drama unfolding inside the administration, between veteran Trump staffers committed to the president’s campaign vision of ‘draining the swamp’ and entrenched bureaucracies seeking to maintain control over policy decision-making.” They also say that much of the actions to purge the Trump officials is being done without the President’s knowledge.

Many of the firings of officials were due to conflicts between the deep-state and Trump administration officials on issues that caused Trump to be elected. In other words, the entrenched Obama holdovers wanted to keep the status quo that voters were against and those who were purged by McMaster were representative of those very values.

McMaster is maintaining an Obama administration beneath the Trump cabinet which, of course is counter-productive to the campaign promises of Donald Trump, and more importantly against the will of the people.

According to a source very close to the National Security Council, Mc Masters has a list of people that he will get rid of over the next two weeks. Last month, senior advisor, Rich Higgins, was fired unbeknownst to the president until after the termination. Higgins was hired by the NSC as director for strategic planning.

Firing Higgins was viewed as “lasting victory” by McMaster who considered him a longtime official that helped Trump get into office. This is alarming, but consistent with other terminations within the NSC and  McMaster has made it clear that Trump Supporters within the council is prohibited.

A more recent termination by McMasters is Ezra Cohen-Watnik, a senior Trump official who was involved with trying to scrap the Obama era Iran nuclear deal.

Even more alarming is that McMaster has allowed Susan Rice and several other Obama administration officials to maintain their security clearances. Rice was involved in the illegal unmasking of innocent Americans during government-monitored correspondences between foreign officials and the Trump administration in the weeks before the inauguration.

Another statement by an inside source indicated that many of the officials such as Cohen-Watnik were close to the Trump campaign following his nomination and “gave up everything to support him against Hillary[Clinton], and these are the people who are being purged by McMaster.”

One of the most counter-productive circumstances taking place against the Trump administration is the consistent flow of leaks coming from inside the White House. The leaks have become so bold that even actual telephone calls between President Trump and foreign leaders have been made public.

With such a disdain for “draining the swamp”, it is now evident that McMasters, working with Obama embeds, is behind the leaks that have plagued Trump’s agenda since his inauguration.  The former general has shown that he is working inside and outside of the White House to deny voters the outcome of their election.

McMaster represents only one faction of the anti-Trump deep-state that is working to topple the presidency. There are several other parts of this deep-rooted movement to overthrow the current government. Congress, in spite of being entirely under the control of the Republican Party has outwardly opposed the president as well as its own constituents.

While it would be expected that senators and representatives from the Democrat party would work against Donald Trump’s agenda, the voters who placed Trump in office did so with the expectation that the Republicans, having control of both houses, would also support him. However, that has not been the case as some in Trump’s party are colluding with the deep-state to defy his promises to the American people.

The deep-state is well hidden from the American people, thus making it difficult to identify its depth and strength, but Republicans in congress are out in the open for their bold behavior to be witnessed by those who elected them. These members of the GOP had been given a pass for the last eight years as they continuously stated that the reason for not representing their constituents was due to former president, Barrack Obama “standing in their way”.

Full control has come to fruition and the GOP is now ahead of both halves of congress as well as the presidency. Yet, the senate and the house have not come together to represent their constituents who voted for the Trump agenda. In fact, some have publicly gone back on their own campaign promises by voting to the contrary.

Many of the GOP lawmakers have outwardly voiced their disdain against President Trump putting their hatred for the President before their obligation to voters. For example, John McCain and Lisa Murkowski decided that their promise of repealing Obamacare was not worth keeping and sided with the deep-state when they voted against repeal.

In addition, McCain, knowing President Trump’s position on immigration had the audacity to talk to Democrat Minority Leader about reintroducing the “Gang of Eight” bill the senate. This bill, first introduced in 2013, was highly controversial and completely against the values of his constituents, who had enacted laws in his home state to toughen immigration laws.


Another example of outright contradiction within the ranks of congress comes from House Speaker Paul Ryan. Ryan, whose voters also voted for Trump, expected him in his capacity to work with the Trump in achieving his promises to the American people. But Paul Ryan has fought Trump on many issues because, as he essentially put it, Trump doesn’t “know how to do government.”

The people who elected Donald Trump did so because they did not want a “government person” in the presidency. The base that voted for Trump wanted a non-politician who promised to rid politics of corruption in the U.S.  Ryan, however has had a different idea. He has repeatedly contradicted Trump’s agenda and even publicly supported Robert Mueller, special council into Russian collusion, a fabricated issue. 

It is well known that Mueller hired several Hillary Clinton donors to look into the fake collusion story that apparently denied Clinton the 2016 presidency. When Trump pointed out that Mueller was a “partisan hack”, Paul Ryan defended Mueller on Monday, July24th saying he was “anything but”, thus solidifying his position in the establishment as well as his connection to the deep-state.

While the list of establishment GOP members of congress against Donald Trump is lengthy, it is not that they are against him that is so important to remember. After all, people disagree on issues from time to time. However, what is alarming is how easily these congressional members turn their back on their job of representing their constituents and instead continue to engage in personal gain by attacking the very agenda for which their supporters voted.

Another tentacle from the deep-state is the aforementioned “special council” Robert Mueller who is charged with the task of looking into the fabricated claims of “Russian Collusion.”  Mueller’s presence in this entire matter is not even required as, according to law, a special council is not to be appointed until a crime has actually been committed and not before hand.  

This appointment took place under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who in order to be confirmed by the senate, recused himself from any investigation involving the trumped up allegations of collusion. His deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel to look into allegations of obstruction of justice based on testimony by former FBI director James Comey, who was fired by Trump. He did this knowing that it wasn’t required and that Comey and Mueller were long-time friends.

According to, Robert Mueller has impaneled a second grand jury, which according to deep-state media sources, means “the investigation is ramping up.” But in reality, this second grand jury is only occurring because the first grand jury has turned up no information of any value and therefore requires even more eyes on the investigation.

As mentioned before, the legal team that Mueller has assembled is comprised almost solely of Clinton donors. These donors have quit their jobs with major law firms to work for Mueller, indicating one of two things. Either they expect to be investigating this for a long time or there is an expectation that Trump will be gone soon, one way or another, thus ensuring a lucrative job and access inside the government.  

In the case that the “special council” cannot come up with any valid evidence, it is likely that a crime will be created. With so much legal talent and connections to the deep state, it would be very easy for the Mueller’s dream team to create a false crime and make it stick. The object of the special council is not to find facts in a case, but to instead grow and engage the deep-state in the overthrow and or assassination of President Donald Trump.

The deep-state media continuously attempts to portray Mueller as a valid investigator “enforcing the law”, but very basic common sense makes it obvious that Mueller is only trying to override the voters of the United States of America and carry out his version of what the country should be having been a Hillary Clinton supporter.

The Complex is vast entity comprised of deeply-rooted loyalists to Barrack Obama and the Democrat party, left-wing activists, political establishment types, and a complicit mainstream media. The media which has discredited itself on numerous occasions has even shown that the narrative that it takes part in is just that—a “narrative”. The “Russian Collusion” story has been proven to be completely false yet the narrative moves forward as if reality suddenly switched to an alternate universe.

The world is witnessing the completely and utter loss of freedom in Venezuela, a country that was once one of the most prosperous countries in South America. The downfall of Venezuela has happened over a period of time since 1999 and has reached its highest level of corruption in recent days.  It has culminated with President Nicolas Maduro imprisoning political opposition as it destroys its own constitution.

Venezuela’s citizens are starving while their elite are well fed and wealthy. With the deep-state and the media in the U.S. behaving so erratically it is now conceivable that what is happening in South America could, more sooner than expected, happen here in the U.S. If the deep-state is allowed to move forward, the citizens’ protective document, The US Constitution, will become completely invalid in the as has the Constitution in Venezuela.

However, Americans may not be so quick to surrender their country to a third-world style dictatorship. The United States has come to boiling point with those who love the country watching as so much hatred has been used to erode its values.

The nation has deliberately been polarized in an effort to steal the liberty of all, and those who believe in its founding are without a doubt ready to fight. As many in the deep-state media complex would like to classify a report of this nature as a wild “conspiracy theory” in order to delegitimize it, it is sadly more true than some may expect.

In November, 2016, the voters of America spoke by voting for Donald Trump in 2623 counties in the US versus Hillary Clinton who only won in 489 counties. If there is an attempt to topple Trump’s presidency or to take his life, those who voted for Trump and won by the rules may not be willing to sit idly by while they watch their country continue to crumble at the hands of the deep-state media complex.

After all, they voted for Trump to rid the United States of a Banana Republic political system. Thus, to deny what many consider their “last stand” to save the Republic may be cause for an outright war to be waged.

There has been an attempt over several decades to dumb down citizens through the federalized school system, community “organizing”, the mainstream media, and other social constructs. However, it remains unsuccessful as enough Americans have resisted and learned on their own the truth of what America stands for. They may well be willing to risk their lives to keep the freedom and liberty the founders and our military have fought so hard to maintain.

The United States Constitution guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, not for protection against criminals, but against a government that decides to over step its authority and usurp the liberty of the people. Much of what has happened within the deep-state is unconstitutional. There are only a minority of members in congress and even fewer members of the judiciary system who even attempt to carry out the Constitution as a protector of liberty. 

Overthrowing the President and his agenda in any capacity at this point would justify any war waged in the name of restoring liberty. It is obvious that those who are in the seep-state are not interested in maintaining real law and order.  As such, any further usurpation of liberty would be legal cause for a war.

It is not the goal of to incite war and violence. In fact, InternetDeputy supports the peaceful exchange of ideas but only while following the U.S Constitution. The truth, as it is reported in this article, is that the will of the people is not being carried out. The people have spoken by voting for Donald Trump. Therefore the will of the people is a very simple—carry out the President’s campaign promises.

Donald Trump is the President of the United States and whatever forces seek to change this will be acting against the Constitution and may be legally met with a resistance they did not plan for.

“The pursuit of the truth is often met with deceit, but the quest for Liberty always discovers the truth”—Jake Fogg,




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