Media Loses Integrity By Avoiding Real Story!
What Big Outlets Like Washington Post Refuse to Acknowledge 
By: Jake Fogg, Fake News

The Donald Trump-Russian narrative lost all credibility yesterday when a hidden video caught a CNN executive admitting that the news media company didn’t believe its own story.

Since CNN first began reporting on this narrative, many major news outlets, such as the Washington Post have followed suit, in some cases collaborating with CNN on sensationalizing the baseless story.

Internet Deputy reported on one of the collaborations back on June 17th. The story provides clear evidence that The Washington Post has been, perhaps, the most instrumental of news organizations advancing the fake story.

 But The Post is not the only organization that has jumped on the “Russian collusion” narrative, leaving some to wonder how the many other news organizations intend to deal with this deflating information.  After all, these companies all participated in what has now been shown to be a false premise.

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Some of the bigger companies that have aided to the media frenzy of the fake narrative include The New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, Bloomberg, MSNBC, Huffington Post, AP, and Politico, to name a few. Following the revelation of the Project Veritas video, none of these “News” organizations have acknowledged that they themselves engaged in the same false narrative.

Yesterday The Washington Post defended CNN regarding the retraction story which resulted in three journalists resigning, but side-stepped the actual fake news issue. While the writer claimed that timing of the resignations was “the worst possible”, it failed to even mention the video at all relegating it to a comment within a Tweet released by President Trump, without explanation.

The Associated Press, via the NY Times and other news outlets, acknowledged Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ “media disgrace” statement of the hidden video in the press conference.  But, that story made no comment on the video’s exposure of false information that both the New York Times and the AP helped to perpetuate.

A Google search revealed that New York Times never ran a story on the video itself nor did it even acknowledge it. The USA Today reported the blockbuster video as “clandestine” in an attempt to create the perception that few in the public were aware of it. The author of the story, Roger Yu, also did not comment on the revelation that the narrative, in which USA Today took part, was false.

Politico, with headlines like “Today in Trumpworld”, has also avoided writing anything that acknowledges that it perpetuated a proven-false narrative that was started by CNN.  Instead it chooses to engage in the age-old practice of creating the perception that the president is unintelligent.

The list of mainstream media entities that have come to the defense of CNN is long. Of course, it would be with so many riding on the same story for so long. It is possible that these so-called news organizations see themselves as noble in their support.

But CNN is guilty of skewing what is supposed to be considered news, and has admitted as much. Yet while other media outlets sing praises for the busted network, none of them are willing to admit that they used a story that CNN fabricated.

It has long been known that the mainstream media has an agenda to take down any opposition to its own progressive ideology. The last eight years has proven that it is not interested in holding people accountable by applying the same rules to everyone.

Freedom of speech provides that a news organization be able to criticize a president, politician, or any other high-profile person. However, the mainstream media will either support or slam depending on that person’s ideology or who they claim to represent.

The media has gone as far as accusing those, with whom it disagrees, of outlandish things including “racism”, “white supremacy”, “hateful”, and so on. This so-called “news-reporting media” engages in the very stereotyping that it reports to be against.

Yet, while the claims it has made seek to destroy credibility and show a lack of integrity, it participates in an agenda that necessarily has required it to relinquish its own honesty and integrity. This is not a claim by a reporter. This is a fact that is self-evident with the entirety of the progressive media refusing to acknowledge that it has carried on a narrative that has been proven false. 

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