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 Media Encourages Violence

Five Wounded When Man Goes On Shooting Rampage

By: JakeFogg

James T. Hodgkinson opened fire at Republicans, injuring five people, at a baseball field in Alexandria Virginia.  House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, congressional staffer Zachary Barth, and three others were shot.  The victims are all expected to recover and the shooter is dead.

While the mainstream media has several news reports on the incident circulating, none of the “news” outlets are identifying or claiming responsibility for their role in what caused Hodgkinson to snap and go on a rampage.

A review of Hodgkinson’s Facebook page shows that he was a Bernie Sanders supporter who literally hated President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. The hatred that he had was obviously based on the typical rhetoric of the left.

However, almost all “news” information released by the mainstream media is manipulated to fit the leftist narrative.  Therefore, in addition to school indoctrination, which is where this hatred starts, it can also be said that what is considered “news reporting” today is what fuels the type of rage that caused Hodgkinson to go on a rampage.

It is not necessary to look further than the mainstream media to see hatred and disdain that it bolsters.  For example, Hodgkinson shot Republicans because he, as so many on the left, saw the Republican Party as the enemy. 

The media consistently and falsely uses the Republican Party as a “blame point entity” for everything that seems to run contrary the leftist ideology, when in fact, the party has done little to support those who express the traditional values of conservatism opposite what the media preaches. A recent example of this is the new “health care” bill passed in congress. 

Most traditional Republican voters actually wanted Obamacare completely repealed with torte legislation to follow in order for the free market to have a positive impact on medical systems. Yet the mainstream media reported the laughable bill as “right wing” piece of legislature that would cause “24 million people to lose their health care”.

While it failed to mention that the bill being debated was actually an attempt to appease the left, it also forgot that the “affordable care act” cost millions of people good health insurance policies and increased premiums to an unprecedented level and didn’t allow personal choice when choosing what kind of coverage a person wanted. 

The reality is that the Republican Party has traded conservatism for a more socialist-style approach in an attempt to gain favor with leftist voters which include those in the media.  Conservatism over all has waned in the party considerably, yet the media slams it anyway. 

The media also misrepresents conservatism as a “fascist” ideology that seeks to keep people poor and protect the “rich” and silence anyone that disagrees.  In reality, it is the very ideology that the media sides with that causes all of those accusations to come to pass. 

One example of this is clearly displayed by the Washington Post article in its “news” story regarding the Anti-Sharia law protests that occurred all over the country.  Reporters This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. intentionally wrote the article in a way to misrepresent the movement as a “radical right-wing” racial movement for “white supremacists” who are filled with hate against the “poor and oppressed” Muslim community. 

In reality, the Washington Post did not report the facts. Those familiar with Sharia-law requirements know and understand it to be unconstitutional and hampering of women’s rights. In some cases, it even seeks to prevent women from being able to ever enjoy sexuality through genital mutilation.

The media accounts, which were reported almost exactly the same, by the likes of the Washington Post, the NY Times, CNN, NBC, and others were proven to be completely false.  Personal videos posted from all over America via Facebook and Youtube showed a very different story than the progressive media entities had written.

In almost every video from that day witnesses that those who marched against Sharia-law were comprised of multiple races, not shouting racial expletives, and were actually shouting for support of liberty.  However, the media-supported counter-protestors were using horns to drown out speech, threatened or engaged in violence, and used expletives instead of voicing their opinion.

It is this type of reporting that contributes to the rage of many like Hodgkinson.  On a daily basis mainstream entities refuses to report actual news, choosing instead to substitute non-factual/emotional rhetoric for reality. Evidence of this exists through letters he wrote to his local news paper.

Hodgkinson’s writings, according to the Washington Post, repeatedly blasted Republicans for favoring the “super rich”.  He referred to Donald Trump as a traitor that “has destroyed our Democracy”.  These two points alone are exactly what American hear every day from the very media that reports his story now.

The mainstream reports of the “rich being supported by Republicans” all the time while intentionally forgetting that the candidates that they outwardly support, like Hillary Clinton is very “rich” from wealth acquired dishonestly. Reporters also forget to mention the Bernie Sanders, whom Hodgkinson supported and reasonably wealthy person, never gained any wealth until he managed to get elected and now owns at least three homes.  

While the liberal media complex is busy reporting on the emotional side of wealth it also forgets to talk about these issues in real economic terms, substituting it instead, for conjecture that has already historically been proven incorrect. The result of this lack of real information, and the media’s desired affect is that those who have “less” feel that they are somehow oppressed.

It is this “oppression” that creates anger and hatred toward those who the Democrat media complex defines as “enemies”.   

Another example of this is in Hodgkinsons’s reference to Trump as a “traitor”.  For the last 8 months the media has continuously reported on a false flag narrative that Trump “colluded” with Russians who somehow influenced the election.  To date, there has not been one single media report on the subject that has produced any real evidence.

On two occasions, Wolf Blitzer of CNN even tried to influence Democrat Senator, Dianne Feinstein’s answers when she told him that there was no evidence to support the fictitious notion. 

In fact, this has been a complete fabrication by the media and taken up by the government.  Not a single story contains any hard evidence. Everything was reported as “possible” or “conceivable” so often that the stories changed to “ proven” without a shred of evidence to show HOW? The reporters continuously write and speak on the topic so often that they were able to skip the most important part of the entire scenario. 

Not a word on “how” this happened.  Everything beyond this is sheer speculation. Yet lack of evidence does not prevent these entities in presenting the story in such a way as to make the President of the United States look like a “traitor”.

As Thomas Sowell points out in his best seller “Conflict of Visions”, those with the vision of the “anointed” (leftists) are less likely to review empirical data, preferring not to question anything within the leftist ideology and accept it as axiomatic. This refusal to question is a trait exploited by the media and used to its advantage in forwarding the narrative.

Since “keeping with the narrative” often requires reporting a majority of negative misinformation, it is likely that those who listen to it and believe in it on a daily basis will become more and more irritated and bitter. 

The bitterness builds into the hatred that is witnessed in the likes of BAMN, Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  This is not to say that Hodgkinson did not bear a responsibility to control himself, nor is it to say that there was not some other mental circumstance that clouded his judgment.  But, in media terms it is altogether “possible” that his anger was fueled, to the point of snapping, by a steady campaign of misinformation. 

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