Obama, Next to be "Caesar"

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Obama to Replace Trump as Caesar

Director, under pressure, considers alternative last  two New York play performances 

By: Internet Deputy Contributor

Carlos Reynoso 

NEW YORK- The Public Theater’s controversial theatrical production of Julius Ceasar, part of Shakespeare in the Park may be taking on an unexpected twist in its last two performances.

According to a disgruntled insider in the production, Director Oscar Eustis forced emergency rehearsals in order to switch casting for the Trump-like Caesar to one that looks like former president Barrack Obama.  

The disgruntled informant who is a long-time employee for The Public Theater said that all actors and employees involved in the production were instructed to remain silent on the topic.He said that the change in actors was a “contingency plan” to show "fairness" in case other sponsors threatened to pull support for the organization.

Public and conservative media outrage has already caused two major sponsors, Delta Airlines and Bank of America, to pull sponsorship for the project.

“No matter what your political stance may be, the graphic staging of ‘Julius Caesar’ at this summer’s free Shakespeare in the Park does not reflect Delta Air Lines’ values”, Delta said in a public statement Sunday when it announced that it was ending its sponsorship of the production.

In a recent interview with Backstage magazine, the

Trump look-alike actor, Gregg Henry weighed in on the topic of portraying Trump.  “When a tyrant comes to power, it’s very important how you then try to deal with the problem – because if you don’t deal with the problem in a proper way, you can end up losing democracy for like, 2000 years.”

According to this The Public insider, Henry has not shown any ill will toward the show, which is consistent with his aforementioned interview.  

While he did not say exactly which actor would portray “Obama Caesar”, the source implied that Eustis had cast African-American actor, Chris Meyers, who was chosen to “pinch act” due to his familiarity with the production as a supporting actor, rather than trying to find a new replacement.

 To some, an “Obama” Caesar would be fitting for the very same reason. It is possible that Eustis also views Obama in the same light. On many occasions, during his presidency, the former president circumvented congress, the Constitution, and standard political procedures in order to advance his agenda, much like that of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

Oskar Eustis, who didn’t refer to any particular president, qualified this in his statement, “Julius Caesar can be read as a warning parable to those who try to fight for democracy by undemocratic means.”

But it is unclear how the public will react to an “Obama Caesar”.  The informant violated his promise to maintain silence on the potential switch saying, “I worry that the production will be considered a racist organization.

“Remember what happened to the Rodeo Clown?”, he said referring to the incident that occurred at the Missouri State Fair in 2013, in which a rodeo clown wore a Barrack Obama mask. “That man lost his job and everyone was in an uproar over that!  I just don’t want people to think of us(production staff) like that.”

The Public Theater source spoke to Internetdeputy.com contributor, Carlos Reynoso.  The source also claimed that he told the New York Times, who is a close supporter of The Public Theater. The source claims that he spoke to his friend on the staff there who is apparently close to review writer, Jesse Green.  The New York Times has not yet reported anything on this and has yet to respond to Internet Deputy requests for information.