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Mainstream Media Losing Battle With Citizen Reporters
Antifa-Supported Media Loses Anti-Sharia Arguement Due to "Boots on the Ground"

By:Jake Fogg

 On Saturday, June 10, anti-Sharia law rallies  took place all over the United States.    Mainstream media sources such as the  Washington Post, LA Times, Huffington Post,  and many others mobilized to misreport the r  rallies as white supremacist “hate marches”. 

 However, the real reporting and video footage  came from many sources other than the  mainstream and they told a very different  story. 

 In response to the mainstream media bias,  micro reporters, citizens with smartphones and  cameras, all over the United States have taken news reporting into their own hands.  They are providing thousands of hours of live coverage, uploaded videos, witness accounts and even commentary of what many say the media simply refuse to cover anymore.

Today’s social media and access to public media such as You Tube has not only created rock stars and talk-show hosts.  It has also allowed for the average person with a smart phone to record real time incidents, thus circumventing the conventional means of news reporting that has become increasingly biased.

More recently there has been an insurgence of “micro-reporters” who have been recording and posting coverage of protests, riots, government waste, and fraud, that are either misrepresented or not covered at all by the media.

Facebook page, The Illusive Progress Movement,(IPM) is one example of micro-reporters documenting much more than the media.  Two of the main contributors to the page are a husband and wife couple by the name Yager.  The page is also linked to a web site with the same name that posts news and events. It also states that it is in the process of producing a documentary that exposes the lefts’ dismantling of America.

The Yagers, between the IPM page and their personal pages, have several posted videos, which they streamed live.  The videos contain raw footage of protests that in some cases have adversaries actually threatening violence and acting evasive.  The videos are not only film, but a complete account of what is happening as well as commentary. They are literally complete news reports.

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 One of the Yager videos was included in a You Tube montage of three videos documenting the reaction of illegal immigrants at a supposed town hall meeting. The meeting was organized by US Congressman, Lou Correa, as a workshop to show illegal immigrants how to circumvent a tightening immigration system since Donald Trump has taken office.

The meeting could not get underway and was eventually canceled due to Trump supporters who attempted to hold the congressman accountable, thus causing protest inside the building.  This fact was not documented by the Yagers who filmed outside, but appeared unable to enter, but by other citizens such as Arthur Christopher Shaper who posted to You Tube as well, thus providing thorough documentation of the entire event.

You Tube channels have videos posted from all over the country documenting Saturday’s anti-Sharia events and protests. There are several showing resistance by counter protestors holding hate flags of Che Guevara , Communist symbols, and dressed as Antifa in black reminiscent of “KKK” style  cover-up.

One channel, grindall61 not only films the protests in San Bernardino, CA, but also narrates what the protests are about, what is happening in the area, and peoples’ reactions from both sides.  Another video posted by “Trump Chronicles” monitors the protests in New York City. Yet another video documents a rally that took place in Seattle, WA. 

But these were only a few that are listed. There are many more on You Tube and even more on Facebook.  

It comes as no surprise that people will use technology that was formerly relegated to only news agencies.  However, it is likely that the mainstream media had not counted on it being used against them to do the job on a raw, not staged platform.  Inadvertently it has become a tool which has become a powerful force which could eventually push the mainstream media completely aside.

In the view of, micro-reporters , or those armed with a camera and courage, provide a much more valuable account of events than the mainstream media.  Managing editor, Jake Fogg, has decided to dedicate an entire link-tab to this type of footage and reporting. The tab will be called “Raw News”.

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