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Civilization Jihad: Islam’s Trojan Horse Featured

Civilization Jihad: Islam’s Trojan Horse
Written by The Deplorable Patriot, because America deserves better!
The Trojan Horse...

It is the mythological tale of how the Greeks used a huge, hollow wooden horse filled with armed soldiers to break the stalemate of a fruitless 10-year siege with the city of Troy. Left behind by the departing Greeks as an offering to Athena, the Trojans wheeled the horse into their city as a victory trophy, unaware that they had just allowed the enemy within their gates!


Could it be possible that there is also a devious and deceptive decoy in our midst actively trying to subvert and destabilize the very foundation upon which our Constitutional Republic was built? Could it be possible that a Trojan Horse under the guise of “religion” is already at work to fundamentally bring to an end the Judeo-Christian culture of our Western civilization?


It is called “civilization jihad,” and its very intentional aim is to transform a society from within so that it can eventually be brought under Islamic Law and rule. It is accomplished through immigration, and because it is more subtle by its very nature and design, its long term ramifications easily make it a more dangerous threat than the more obvious “violent jihad.” Under the totalitarian ideology of sharia, civilization jihad, also known as “stealth jihad,” is considered an integral, and even dominant element of jihad.


In a February 6th interview on the radio show, Understanding the Times with Jan Markell, lawyer and former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) talked about this infiltration that is happening right under our very noses.


“They have a plan to destroy Western Christendom,” said Bachmann. “It’s called ‘civilization jihad.’ By bringing Islamists into our country and destroying us from within.”


In 1991, Mohamed Akram, a senior Hamas leader in the United States and a board of directors member for the Muslim Brotherhood in North America wrote a document called An Explanatory Memorandum: On the General Strategic Goal for the Group. The document discloses that the Muslim Brotherhood’s “mission” in the U.S. is a “settlement process” to become “entrenched” so as to eventually launch a “grand jihad” that will “eliminate and destroy Western civilization from within and ‘sabotage’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated.”


The end goal here, dear readers, is the reverse assimilation and eventual takeover of the United States of America by Islam! With Islamic “refugees” being admitted into our country by the tens of thousands, civilization jihad is very much alive and active, and is happening in our midst! And now, aided by the distorted ideals of “political correctness” and “tolerance,” it has become a veritable Trojan Horse that we have allowed to come into our gates!


America deserves better!

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