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Wednesday, 09 March 2016 13:39 Written by

University’s president and fellows argued the time had come to dissociate the school from the legacy of financier Isaac Royall

By: Robert Mackey | The Intercept - MARCH 8, 2016

Harvard Law School Wants to Remove Slaveholder’s Crest From Logo

After months of student protests, Harvard Law School could soon stop using its official symbol, a shield based on the crest of an 18th-century slaveholder whose donation paid for the first professorship of law at the university.

In a letter to the university’s president and fellows released on Friday, the dean of the law school, Martha L. Minow, argued that the time had come to dissociate the school from the legacy of Isaac Royall, who left Harvard part of a fortune acquired through the labor of slaves at his father’s sugar plantation in Antigua.

Every year, the dean wrote, she welcomes new students with a discussion of the benefactor’s portrait in which she notes “that while Harvard University at that time acted legally in accepting the gift, it is crucial that we never confine ourselves to solely what is currently lawful, for the great evil of slavery happened within the confines of the law.”



The dean also made public a report by a committee of Harvard Law School faculty, students, alumni and staff which recommended, by a vote of 10-2, that the shield based on the Royall family crest — a celebration of agricultural wealth with three sheaves of wheat — no longer be used. “The Law School would not today honor Isaac Royall and his bequest by taking his crest as its official symbol,” the committee observed.


Wednesday, 09 March 2016 13:28 Written by

Glaciers can shape ‘religious beliefs and cultural values’

By: Elizabeth Harrington | Free Beacon - MARCH 8, 2016

Feds Spent $412,930 Studying ‘Relationship Between Gender and Glaciers’

The National Science Foundation has spent more than $400,000 on a study that published scientific results on the “relationship between gender and glaciers.”

The paper “Glaciers, gender, and science,” published in January 2016, concluded that “ice is not just ice,” urging scientists to take a “feminist political ecology and feminist postcolonial” approach when they study melting ice caps and climate change.

“Glaciers are key icons of climate change and global environmental change,” the paper by Mark Carey, a professor at the University of Oregon, explained. “However, the relationships among gender, science, and glaciers–particularly related to epistemological questions about the production of glaciological knowledge – remain understudied.”

“Merging feminist postcolonial science studies and feminist political ecology, the feminist glaciology framework generates robust analysis of gender, power, and epistemologies in dynamic social-ecological systems, thereby leading to more just and equitable science and human-ice interactions,” the paper said.

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Wednesday, 24 February 2016 14:18 Written by

Order big step toward bypassing the US legislative branch entirely

By: Adam Dick | Ron Paul Institute - FEBRUARY 24, 2016

Over at We Meant Well, always-interesting writer Peter Van Buren provides a funny rundown of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)’s blunders he suggests prevented it from accessing information on an iPhone connected to the December 2 San Bernardino, California killings. The FBI sure does look like the Keystone Cops with Van Buren’s tale of mistakes that put the FBI into a situation where, to uncover encrypted information from the iPhone, it has to depend on a US magistrate judge ordering Apple, the phone’s manufacturer, to create a means to breach the phone’s information security.

But, is there something more sinister taking place behind the scenes? Governments are renowned for incompetence, so you cannot rule out, barring more information, that a series of blunders did occur. At the same time, blunders in this instance would create a situation that sure is convenient for a US government intent on ensuring it can obtain access to everyone’s encrypted information. The blunders, after all, provided the FBI with a reason to seek the court order in a case where the facts are quite advantageous for the government.


Wednesday, 24 February 2016 14:14 Written by

A look into the corruption in Bulgaria shows exactly what we in the US should be avoiding

By: The Alex Jones Show - FEBRUARY 24, 2016

Filmmaker Kevin Booth (“American Drug War: The Last White Hope”, “How Weed Won the West”, “American Drug War 2”), millionaire entrepreneur Michael “Big Mike” Straumietis and Bulgarian entrepreneur Ivan Georgiev give the backstory on the upcoming film “Ghost Nation” and the parallels between the authoritarian direction the US is headed and the mafia regime in Bulgaria.

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Wednesday, 06 January 2016 04:22 Written by

Democratic Power and it's Damage

  • Obama Administration uses IRS to target conservative, Christian and pro-Israel organizations, donors, and citizens.
  • In an unprecedented attack on the First Amendment, the Obama Justice Department ordered criminal investigations of FOX News reporters for doing their jobs during the 2012 election year.
  • President Obama, throughout his Presidency, has refused to enforce long-established U.S. immigration laws. For example . . .
  • More than 300,000 captured illegal aliens had been processed and were awaiting deportation. But, incredibly, Obama stopped these deportations and ordered the U.S. border patrol to release many of these illegal aliens in violation of law and without explanation.
  • Congress rejected Obama’s so called DREAM ACT – which would have granted permanent residency to many illegal aliens. So Obama enacted his own version of the DREAM ACT by Executive Order, thus directly defying Congress. According to Obama’s Executive Order, illegal aliens can stay in America if they are under the age of 30, have been in America for at least five years, are enrolled in school or have graduated from high school, and have committed no felonies.

Top Ten Secret Shopping Results for CBD Hemp Oil

Tuesday, 19 January 2016 01:20 Written by

Carly Maze Consumer Reporter for Internet Deputy.

One could imagine with today's technology and the scientific knowledge that mankind possesses, that by now we would have figured out how to administer and create a safe, natural and effective product out of Hemp and Cannabis.Yet it seems that we are stuck in the "stoned" age when it comes to figuring out how to use this natural plant. Our ignorance has evolved from burning it, to soaking the plant in isopropyl alcohol to extract the oils, to pushing butane through it and now to the most scariest trend of all, the deadly synthetic marijuana K3. Ironically, one must assume K3 was a fake spin-off from the synthetic marijuana version of Marinol.

So far the best and safest solution to extract THC and CBD cannabinoids from the plant is the Critical CO2 Extraction method. This new billion dollar industry is the future according to many cannabis and hemp experts. The most well known company in the industry, Realm of Caring (Charlotte's Web) plans to phase out the use of isopropyl alcohol with the new Critical CO2 Extraction. Many CBD and THC oil companies are rushing to buy Critical CO2 Extractors.

Internet Deputy investigated 33 CBD hemp oil companies and compiled a list of all the CBD extraction methods that are being used. During our investigation we stumbled upon a new method called hemp paste. What's so fascinating about this new method is the fact the whole plant is used. No extraction or chemicals are needed. In the past, high CBD hemp strains were unheard of but now since there are strains well over 20% in CBD levels, concentration is not needed. This will be a game changer for the Critical CO2 Extraction industry. One expert who asked not to be named quote said, "There is absolutely no medical reason to now concentrate this natural medicine due to the potency of the plant."

Furthermore, cannabinoids need a fatty acid like coconut oil (MCT oil) to travel through the blood brain barrier and the extraction method does not include fatty acids during the extraction process like hemp paste does. MCT oils which are added in the hemp paste's cooking process are a major cannabinoid catalyst and products without MCT oils will have a greater difficulty passing through the blood brain barrier let alone surviving through the digestive tract.

The scores below (see illustration) are based on cost per milligram for products costing under $200. The second highest criteria was how natural and safe was the product made.

Products are listed in order from the most expensive to least expensive. We added a link to the top #1 best priced product Holden's Hope. Click Here
COMPANY Cost per mg Natural Method Customer Service Overall Grade
Tasty Hemp Oil

.43 Cents

per mg

Possible CO2 method. Tincture product. " The secret shopper felt that the company representative should
know ingredients and process method.

.42 Cents

per mg

CO2 Method. Company did not answer phone or return calls.

.33 Cents

per mg

CO2 Method. Company allows a relatively large ten percent variation (high or low) in actual CBD in product.
Product comes from the UK.

.32 Cents

per mg

CO2 Method. Independent lab testing. Nice phone support. Product of Hemp Meds.

Dixie Botanicals

.26 Cents

per mg

CO2 Method. Product is a glycerin tincture.. Nice phone support but took 3 calls. Product of Hemp Meds

.25 Cents

per mg

CO2 Method. Hemp Meds is the parent company to Real Scientific Hemp Oil , Dixie Botanicals and Cibdex

.21 Cents

per mg

CO2 method. Independent lab tested.
Charlotte's Web

.20 Cents

per mg

Excellent customer service. Isopropyl alcohol extraction. Company hopes to transition to CO2 method soon.
Allows a discount for ill people.

.15 Cents

per mg

CO2 Method. Very nice customer service. Independent lab tested. Allows a discount for illness/poverty.

.13 Cents

per mg

CO2 Method.  No natural fatty acids. Nice phone support! Great price per CBD.
Grown in Holland. Independent lab tested.
Holden's Hope

.08 Cents

per mg

Only company using newer hemp paste method. Only company using MCT’s or coconut oil as a base.
The lowest price we found per CBD.


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