Southern Poverty Law Center Head Exposed As A Wife Beater & Sex Deviant! 
Former KKK Attorney Even Tried To Molest His Step Daughter
By:Jake Fogg 

The Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC) is an organization known for targeting Conservative and Christian organizations as a “hate” groups. Claiming “Social Justice” status, the so-called civil-rights group has been mired in controversy since even before the organization was founded mainly due to its co-founder Morris Dees.

 Many of the organizations unfairly targeted by the SPLC have lost funding, business, and advertising as a result of its propaganda. Yet, to be sure, Morris Dees himself is a complete contradiction of SPLC’s alleged mission.

Most who are aware of the dark matters surrounding the SPLC propaganda machine know, for example that in 1961 Dees willingly took money from the KKK to defend Klansmen who attacked a bus of black and white freedom fighters in Montgomery, AL.

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