Google Lies After Caught Admitting Intent To Manipulate Content!
The Response To the Leaked Video Was Bold And Outright False! 

By: Jake Fogg


 Yesterday Breitbart released a damaging video of a Google internal meeting whereby top executives and co-founders   discussed manipulating information on the internet. The video was the weekly meeting of the organization following the   2016  election of Donald Trump.

 The leaked media is disturbing in that the Google executives show their outright disdain for Americans who voted for   Donald Trump. The meeting was essentially dedicated to bashing Trump supporters and outlining Google’s commitment to   data manipulation in order to ensure that 2016 election results never again occur.

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Monday, 10 September 2018 14:15

The Democrat's Second War On America

The Democrats' Second War On Liberty
By: Ron Edwards

One of the most horrendous legacies against individual rights and liberty throughout American history is the abysmal history of the Democrat Party founded by American Indian and black people-hating Andrew Jackson.  Like Muslims, communists, ANTIFA gumps, etc. most democrats do not have a soft spot for unalienable rights which come from God.

 Democrats have an overblown self-image of elitism and that the money you earn through working hard or smart belongs to them.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi trashed the Trump tax cuts for working Americans as crumbs.  Yet, the grumpy government elitist recently let it be known that she wants those crumbs back into government coffers.  So much for caring about “We the People.”  In fact, with just a few exceptions thrown in for good measure, the democrats rarely cared about or liked people they could not control, or lord over. 

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Medium Author Tries To Make Case That Donald Trump Has Created A Cult
By:Jake Fogg 
On August 17th an opinion article titled “The Trump Cult?” was published on, by author Douglas Rushkoff. In it he outlines, based on his alleged studies of cults, what he considers the definition of Trump Supporters.

The piece was nothing more than a keeping with the mainstream media hysteria that surrounds President Donald Trump and his supporters.

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Thursday, 31 August 2017 16:55

The Making of a News Media

The Making of a News Media
Contribution From a Deputy Writer
By:Deputy Contributor
Toddy Grimwall

     A man sits back in his leather couch pointing a remote at the large wall hung TV. The TV comes to life with a news report on a local channel. “If you support President Trump, you’re a racist. Or more specifically; you’re “complicit” in the spreading of Trump’s racism.”

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