DHS Experiencing Mass Exodus: “vacuum…of alarming proportions”

by Pete Santilli, The Pete Santilli Show & The Guerilla Media Network

If you have been to an airport and interacted with TSA zombies, you almost get a sense that they are merely “doing their jobs” as their procedural manuals and training have instructed them.  The demographic and physical make-up of TSA agents clearly indicates that these individuals would likely be serving us at a local McDonald’s drive-thru if it weren’t for the positive effect a couple planes flying into buildings had — causing Americans to pull out their wallets and hand the U.S. Government trillions to “keep them safe”.




Thanks to the U.S. Government’s pre-manufactured terrorism scheme, here they are holding our McNuggets in order to “fight terrorism”.  When you look into their eyes and actually converse with these zombies; asking them questions like, “hey….you guys should consider this type of security at our U.S. / Mexico border; no matter what they say back in response, you get a sad feeling that even these badge-carrying, radio-wearing rent-a-cops knows what they are doing has nothing to do with saving our country.  They know that if they were not frisking innocent Americans, they would be asking us if we’d “…like fries with that.”

Morale is low among the thousands of Homeland Security zombies.  Everyone knows our nation is screwed, and that the illusion of security is nothing but a big fat charade. 

Just about everyone getting paid a federal income knows that the game is almost up, and that the American people have found them out.  Even the bureaucrats who run the DHS are employed by the U.S. Government becuase they can’t get and keep a job in the private sector. 

These bureaucrats are idiots, don’t know how to treat any normal human being with respect….just look at how they disrespect human beongs they are being paid to serve & protect.

People are leaving the federal government in droves because it hasn’t taken people with even a double digit I.Q. to figure out that the future of America is very, very bleek.

Top-level turnover makes it harder for DHS to stay on top of evolving threats

An exodus of top-level officials from the Department of Homeland Security is undercutting the agency’s ability to stay ahead of a range of emerging threats, including potential terrorist strikes and cyberattacks, according to interviews with current and former officials.

Over the past four years, employees have left DHS at a rate nearly twice as fast as in the federal government overall, and the trend is accelerating, according to a review of a federal database.

The departures are a result of what employees widely describe as a dysfunctional work environment, abysmal morale, and the lure of private security companies paying top dollar that have proliferated in Washington since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.


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