• Deep-State Media Complex Can't Keep Trump Down

    Trump Agenda Succeeding In Spite of Deep-State Media Complex
    Mainstream Unable to See the Power it is Losing 

    By: Jake Fogg

     The last week has seen a literal media blitz against Donald Trump. It has highlighted the breakdown of the Obamacare repeal vote in the senate, Sean Spicer’s resignation, Mueller’s “special” investigative team going after more Trump officials, the disappearance of Steve Bannon into the background of White House activities, and many other negative stories.

    More Americans are aware of the inflated negativity and choose to ignore the deep-state media complex in favor of their own research for real news. But for those who those who subscribe to hateful ideologies or are simply unaware, the last week might seem as if the United States is about to fall into a chaotic shambles.

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  • Republicans AGAINST Liberty??

    Internet Deputy Show
    A Brief Message to Republicans Who Vowed Not to Vote For Complete Repeal of Obama Care. 
    Host: Jake Fogg

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  • Newest Feminist Paper Shows Very Dark Side of Ideology

    Another Feminist "Study" Demonstrates Hatred
    To Reference Straight White Males is "Oppressive" 

    By: Jake Fogg

    A new word was created by a couple of academics whose recent paper warned other scholars of the potential of perpetuating the works of straight white males in academia. “White heteromasculinism” is the invented phrase used to describe what all future studies should avoid when citing or referencing supporting information.

    The newest example of verbal acrobatics refers to what is viewed as a “system of oppression” that benefits only “white, able-bodied, economically privileged, heterosexual, and cis-gendered” males.  (“cis-gendered” refers to those who identify themselves as their biological sex.)

    According to the paper’s authors, feminist geographers Carrie Mott of Rutgers University and Daniel Cockayne of University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada; academics tend to cite or reference scholars with more experience when supporting their work. Thus, because most seasoned scholars tend to be white, using their work as reference automatically “perpetuates colonial domination.”

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  • Internet Deputy Show- War on Culture and Information

    Internet Deputy Show
    Jake Fogg-War on Culture and Information

     By: Jake Fogg

     The following is a semi-transcript of the information covered in  the show. 


     The pursuit of the truth is often met with deceit, but the quest for  freedom always discovers the truth.

     Hello, I’m Jake Fogg, with Internet Deputy.com. Where it’s not  about politics, it’s about freedom.

     Before I start, I must preface this by saying that this is in no way  inciting violence.

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The G.O.P. is anxious to coalesce around a candidate to defeat Donald Trump

By: Jason Bahr | Vanity Fair - FEBRUARY 22, 2016

Jeb Bush’s resignation from the presidential race has already set off a chain reaction within the G.O.P., with The Huffington Post reporting Mitt Romney is set to endorse Marco Rubio following his strong second-place finish in Saturday’s South Carolina primary. And, according toPolitico, the pressure is already on for Bush to do the same.

Though details of Romney’s endorsement are “still being worked out” as of this morning, sources tell The Huffington Post that Romney has been “eager to provide his backing to Rubio for days” but hesitated out of respect for Bush. His endorsement could come before Tuesday’s G.O.P. caucuses in Nevada, which dedicated Romneyists will recall were twice won by Romney himself.

For his part, though, Rubio doesn’t believe the Romney endorsement is coming anytime soon. “Well, that report is false,” he told CNN of the Romney rumors on Sunday. “I have no reason to believe that he’s anywhere near endorsing anyone. We would love to have his endorsement, but there’s nothing forthcoming. I don’t know where those reports are coming from, but they’re false.”

Should Romney indeed endorse Rubio, his backing would make sense, as he and Rubio have a history: Rubio once made Romney’s VP shortlist, and Rubio once chilled at Romney’s New Hampshire vacation home on the Fourth of July, which is the most Republican sentence that has ever been written. Romney’s seal of approval is key in that it suggests establishment Republican leaders are finally ready to “coalesce” around Rubio, rallying together to defeat the waking nightmare that is Donald Trump’s current front-running status.

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