• Deep-State Media Complex Can't Keep Trump Down

    Trump Agenda Succeeding In Spite of Deep-State Media Complex
    Mainstream Unable to See the Power it is Losing 

    By: Jake Fogg

     The last week has seen a literal media blitz against Donald Trump. It has highlighted the breakdown of the Obamacare repeal vote in the senate, Sean Spicer’s resignation, Mueller’s “special” investigative team going after more Trump officials, the disappearance of Steve Bannon into the background of White House activities, and many other negative stories.

    More Americans are aware of the inflated negativity and choose to ignore the deep-state media complex in favor of their own research for real news. But for those who those who subscribe to hateful ideologies or are simply unaware, the last week might seem as if the United States is about to fall into a chaotic shambles.

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  • Republicans AGAINST Liberty??

    Internet Deputy Show
    A Brief Message to Republicans Who Vowed Not to Vote For Complete Repeal of Obama Care. 
    Host: Jake Fogg

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  • Newest Feminist Paper Shows Very Dark Side of Ideology

    Another Feminist "Study" Demonstrates Hatred
    To Reference Straight White Males is "Oppressive" 

    By: Jake Fogg

    A new word was created by a couple of academics whose recent paper warned other scholars of the potential of perpetuating the works of straight white males in academia. “White heteromasculinism” is the invented phrase used to describe what all future studies should avoid when citing or referencing supporting information.

    The newest example of verbal acrobatics refers to what is viewed as a “system of oppression” that benefits only “white, able-bodied, economically privileged, heterosexual, and cis-gendered” males.  (“cis-gendered” refers to those who identify themselves as their biological sex.)

    According to the paper’s authors, feminist geographers Carrie Mott of Rutgers University and Daniel Cockayne of University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada; academics tend to cite or reference scholars with more experience when supporting their work. Thus, because most seasoned scholars tend to be white, using their work as reference automatically “perpetuates colonial domination.”

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  • Internet Deputy Show- War on Culture and Information

    Internet Deputy Show
    Jake Fogg-War on Culture and Information

     By: Jake Fogg

     The following is a semi-transcript of the information covered in  the show. 


     The pursuit of the truth is often met with deceit, but the quest for  freedom always discovers the truth.

     Hello, I’m Jake Fogg, with Internet Deputy.com. Where it’s not  about politics, it’s about freedom.

     Before I start, I must preface this by saying that this is in no way  inciting violence.

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ALEC: A Corporation That Makes the Laws Police Enforce



 Murder, rape, assault, kidnapping, theft…these are things we can all pretty much agree should be on the moral no-no list. And yet we live in a society ridden with so many laws that it is not even possible to find a handful of sources that agree on the same number.


The codification of human morals, values and ethics into

 law long ago veered from preserving the spirit of freedom and possibility, into preserving a vampiric system of law makers, interpreters and enforcers. The need for laws that serve actual individual human beings and their best interests have been buried under mountains of laws that serve politicians, courts and police. An unstoppable paragon of growth, the legal system is a runaway bull in the china shop of the mostly peaceful and harmonious interactions between individuals and groups.

Yet there are even more nefarious benefactors of the unending string of laws we must navigate to travel safely through this legislatively booby-trapped society. Lobbyists employed by multinational corporate interests have recently been caught red-handed in the act of sponsoring and co-authoring legislation with Georgia lawmakers. While this is of very little surprise to many of us, there are still those that refuse to believe that our country has not in fact been taken over by shadowy oligarchs who control the agendas of our ‘elected leaders’. The video below (and article here) is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that corporations are running the game from the sidelines.

Most of those laws that the police enforce are not for your safety or the benefit of society. They are for the safety and benefit of the ruling elite and their agenda. They are legal detritus conjured up to preserve wealth and power where it is already concentrated the most. The laws are not for the people, by the people. They are for the oligarchs, by the oligarchs. They are parasitical pronouncements foisted on us by psychopaths and megalomaniacs.

This is why we say there are no good cops. Until we see them peacefully arresting those who currently create and give their orders, there can be no good cops. Only corporate mercenaries who would sell your life away with a bullet to keep the bottom line on target. And often do.

Yet we invite someone to prove us wrong. If you wear that badge and really meant everything you took an oath to uphold, then you have a duty to squirrel out these illegal activities and bring these perpetrators of treason to justice. That is what a hero would do.