Journalist Wanted

Conservative Journalist Wanted! 
We lost our news media manager (
journalist) due to a severe illness and the website has sat for weeks. We are looking to partner with a journalist/media news manager. Possible ownership (no investment needed). Planing to update the website as soon as we find "YOU". Pay is 85% of all the net revenues for the first year. We are giving away 85% at first as our investment. We have the cash to promote news articles as we will do national news wires daily.


A good sign that this position is a good fit for you is you MUST be disgusted with the corruption seen by Hillary Clinton and our government. If you are not disgusted than this position will not be a good fit for you. NOTE! This will be part time at first and its highly recommended that you have a regular job or income as this will take about 3 plus months before you are full time and making great money. This all depends on how talented you are. You are the boss and we have the resources to promote this website and the news stories. Do you have the gift? You must have integrity and Christian values along with the plans to kick some butt and make some real noise and attract advertisers by making Internet Deputy a world class news website. You will also be managing other writers and uploading articles from other news media sources.



We will send you a list of super exciting projects we are about to launch after a phone interview. Ownership requires NO cash from you BUT it is based on Alexa.com ranking. Meaning if you get lots of traffic to the website we will give you up to 49% of the ownership. Details will be negotiated and explained during the phone interview. 


Thank you

Brad Morehouse

Project in the works
Internet Deputy will be looking for Journalists with integrity. Today's media is filled with lies and deception.
We at Internet Deputy are about to really turn up heat in a way that rising new journalists can have a platform. Yes we will have world class journalists news articles posted but Internet Deputy is about to launch a new system where a rising Journalist can post their articles and when that article reaches over 500 likes we will pay for that story to be sent through a national newswires which will be sent to over 2600 national news agencies world wide.
When the story hits the newswires the journalist get 70% of the advertising proceeds.

Trump reaches the magic number to clinch nomination

Media Caught Lying About Trump Violence


Insists Syria's al-Assad an accessory

By: Kurt Nimmo | Infowars.com - MARCH 22, 2016

Following Brussels Attack Globalist Think Tank Calls for Invading Syria

A former adviser to Hillary Clinton on Syria, Frederic C. Hof, now a Resident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East, has called for invading Syria in the wake of the deadly attacks in Brussels.

“For the better part of a year, one clear recommendation has been on the table: assemble an American-led, coalition-of-the-willing, professional ground component—one top-heavy in regional and European forces—to enter eastern Syria to close with and kill ISIS. Engaging the Syrian opposition at all levels, consistent with an executable civil-military stabilization plan, can produce an administrative structure for an ISIS-free eastern Syria. Killing ISIS in Syria can ease the migration crisis and hasten the demise of this murderous band in Iraq. And it can demonstrate to the credulously stupid that linking up with losers will be a one-way trip to self-destruction,” Hof writes.


Republican frontrunner was panned by critics for 'insulting' Belgian capital

By:  - MARCH 22, 2016

Trump Warned Brussels Was an Islamist "Hellhole"

Twin bomb attacks that rocked the capital of Belgium this morning have served to throw fresh light on comments made by Donald Trump back in January when he was criticized for labeling Brussels a jihadist “hellhole”.

Dozens of people were killed and many more injured after attacks at Brussels international airport and a city metro station.

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