The Declaration Of Independence Meant More Than Just Freedom From England

The Declaration Of Independence Meant More Than Just Freedom From England

                             The Declaration of Independence Meant More Than Just Freedom From England     We all know...

Written by Carly Maze. Writer for iD
The most anticipated hemp growing season hits mysterious CBD low. Many hemp farmers such as Hammer Enterprises with farms in La Junta, CO and Hemp Ministries also with farms located in Colorado who, both combined, reportedly grew over 300,000 pounds of crop for the 2016 October harvest. Many, if not all farmers are baffled on what might have caused this strange drop in CBD-a levels. The process is simple, breed the best and highest CBD mother hemp plant you can get your hands on which generally tests between 12% to 21% CBD and then spend the winter cloning exponentially from that one mother hemp plant until you have enough clones to cover anywhere from 20 to 150 acres. You can pretty much guarantee that each clone is a clone and is identical to the mother. Generally, when the harvest comes around Oct 15th you will have pretty much the same percentage that the mother tested, depending on weather and nutrients.
     In the case of many hemp farmers this year, the expected average of 15% CBD turned out to a shockingly CBD low of around 8 to 9 percent. What seems peculiar is that farmers reported that the buds were so plentiful that the plants were falling over from the weight of all the buds. What a glorious year they claimed but later to find out they produced less than half of the CBD they expected. Now one factor that has hindered the industry is the extremely poor and inaccurate testing facilities around the country which can easily give off false lab tests from a -5% to a +5% from its true cannabinoids levels. Did private lab testing facilities mislead the growers and did they really only have 8 to 9 percentage to begin with? Or did some strange weather phenomena cause a 50% drop in CBD? Is this considered a crop failure? If a farm loses half of its crops from a hail storm, that’s considered a crop failure. 
What does this mean to the CBD oil and Hemp Paste industry?
Manufactures will not be boasting this year about how potent their CBD oil is and if they attempt to concentrate their product to amazing CBD levels you can pretty much guarantee they have destroyed all the terpenes and many of the 130 delicate cannabinoids which science is now finding out that not just CBD but all 130 cannabinoids and terpenes are critical in the natural structure of the plant and how they work together in the healing of the body. In short, CBD oil is already damage goods due to the stress of the CO2 or alcohol extraction method. You will hear a great rebuttal from the CBD oil industry on this claim but simply look at the lab tests especially at the terpene levels compared to Hemp Paste, Canna Paste or raw hemp which is the most natural method other than juicing but unfortunately juicing does not decarboxylate which is necessary for the cannabinoids to pass though the blood brain barrier and seat to the CB1 receptors. Bottom line is, it will now take twice the amount of hemp to produce the Hemp Paste or CBD Oil. The cost and time will double in the extraction processing. Labels will have to be changed to reflect the total CBD amount. Beware of companies who brag about their concentrated levels as this only shows how much they stressed the plant to get it to high potent CBD levels. Think of taking two 500 milligrams tablets of vitamin C instead of "one" 1000 mg tablet. It's the same number of milligrams but you just have to take two tablets instead of one. Where is the logic in concentrating in the first place when it damages the medicine? This story originally was based on the low CBD crop failures in Colorado but after further research Internet Deputy has stumbled upon something much bigger and that is the lack of reason for concentrating this most amazing plant. It is already a natural medicine in a natural state to begin with.
Written by Carly Maze
Internet Deputy


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