Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's to sellout country to China for 5.3 BILLION dollars

rodrigo duterte and chinese president xi jinping in beijing

Internet Deputy has acquired through a confidental source in the Philippine government that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been meeting privately with Xi Jinping and his top Chinese military aids in what looks like the crime of the century against the people of the Philippines.
Soon to be announced in the coming days is a new trade agreement between the two countries internally referenced as the "friendship partnership" (English translation) which will soon be publicly announced by President Rodrigo Duterte. The friendship partnership will bring new trade agreements and jobs and economic growth to the Philippines. The price for the trade agreement is heavy. President Duterte is reported to have signed over all territorial waters for trade and military passage to the Chinese, along with plans to remove the US military to be replaced with the Chinese military at current foreign installations.
The reported trade agreements are reported to be nothing more than "high treason" and our sources have translated audio recordings negotiating a 5 billion dollar under the table payoff to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's and his staff.

It is with great speculation that the people of the Philippines have no idea what damage this will do to their way of life. The percentage of those who think life will be better by the fake promises President Duterte will deliver according to inside goverment sources. If this plot unfolds as captured on audio, China will soon pillage and plunder the Philippines of all their resources as every trade deal will be in favor of the communist country of China. 

Due to the extreme and dangerous nature of this breaking story, Internet Deputy will NOT take calls from other media networks nor can we provide the audio as it was played over the phone and translated into English. Details have been removed for the safety of our staff and other sources. We conclude the above to be 100% true. Again for the safety of our source we cannot provide any more information on this story as it will endanger our news source. Internet Deputy extremely encourages the Philippine government to investigate this matter.
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