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  • The Mission To Change Real American History

    The Mission To Change Real American History

    The Mission To Change Real American History! 
    A Commentary By Ron Edwars of the Edwards Notebook
    The United States of America has had an amazing history of great achievements from her very beginning.  She was the first nation in history dedicated by men to God, our creator.  It was partially through inspiration from God that the concept of Liberty and Justice for all was conceived. 

    When the Founding Fathers gave us documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Federalist Papers and others, they had to lean upon a common understanding of government, morality, law and proper social order.  That understanding sprang from what was a universal acceptance of what became known as the Judeo-Christian Ethic.  That is a system of social and moral values that originates in the Old and New Testaments of the word of God. 

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  • Vermont Elects To Keep White Man In Charge Of The State!

    Vermont Elects To Keep White Man In Charge Of The State!

    Vermont Elects To Keep White Man In Charge Of The State!
    Gubernatorial Primary Pits Man With Mental Disorder Against Soft Leftist 

    Vermont Democrats voted for “diversity” yesterday by voting for mentally ill gubernatorial candidate Dave Hallquist.  Hallquist, who goes by his transgendered name “Christine” beat out female Democrat contender Brenda Siegel , thus ensuring that a white male will still be in charge of the state.

     At the same time, Republican voters kept the incumbent, anti second amendment Governor Phil Scott.

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  • Social Media Company Willing To Pay Users To Refuse Facebook Censorship!

    Social Media Company Willing To Pay Users To Refuse Facebook Censorship!

    Social Media Company Willing To Pay Users To Refuse Facebook Censorship!  
    New Contest Is The First In A Series That Pledges To "Give People Their Voice Back"
    By:Internet Deputy

    Leadership at Hubbook is holding a contest to grow users on its platform.  After the revelation that social media essentially wiped out Alex Jones platforms, the site is set to offer “the first person who can show 1500 real friends on their Hubbook account $1000.00.”

    Dubbed the “Refuse To Be Silenced” campaign, Hubbooks creators have embarked on a crusade to shed Facebook and Twitter of the millions of users they seek to silence.  

    The company’s CEO declared, “If those companies don’t want people who speak liberty, we’ll take them!  And we’ll give them a platform they can use without the fear of being punished.

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  • Social Media Site Offers Alex Jones An Open Platform!

    Social Media Site Offers Alex Jones An Open Platform!

    Hubbook Offers Alex Jones An Open Platform!
    Social Media Company , "If They Don't Want You, We Do!"   
    By: Internet Deputy

    The upcoming social media network, Hubbook.com has offered Alex Jones an “unfettered platform with the opportunity to build as many pages and communities as he wishes.” 

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Ron Edwards: It Is Time To Fight Back

It IsTime To Fight Back
America's Liberty Is Worth The Fight Against Leftist Violence
By: Ron Edwards

When I was a little boy growing up in Cleveland, the first twelve years of my life the neighborhood in which we resided was rather ideal.  It was not an elegant showplace like Shaker Heights or the upper west side of Manhattan by any stretch of the imagination. 

But, it was both comfortable and pleasant.

 Our neighbors were very good friends.  In a few cases they were  as close as family members.  There were big beautiful trees galore and Christmastime was heavenly as neighbors engaged in the annual friendly rivalry to see who could have the best decorated home.  Even our Jewish neighbors hung out with us Christians during that most wonderful time of the year because of the shear joy of the Christmas Season. 

But at the age of twelve, our pleasant neighborhood began a rapid decline along with the deteriorating health of my Dad, whom I called “Superman” because he had been so strong and seemed indestructible.  My two symbols of stability were both dead and gone by the autumn of my twelfth year.  By then most of our close neighbors had been replaced by brutish unfriendly inhabitants. 

Unfortunately, my childhood of friendly patriotic neighbors who were like family and a school environment that reflected my parents high expectations intellectually did prepare me for the hell that was fast approaching. 

The following school semester was one of being confronted by bullies after my meager lunch money, or just to beat the crap out of me because they outnumbered me and could.  To be perfectly honest, their parents were not very nice either. The days of community wide celebrations of Christmas and Independence Day where everyone proudly displayed their American flags quickly became a fond memory of the past. 

The ensuing years of mere existence through middle school were brutal.  Between the changing neighborhood landscape, the new vicious neighbors and their awful bullies, most of whom were a few years older than us remaining holdout in the old neighborhoods. 

Life had transformed from the American dream into the neighborhood nightmare.  As time progressed, I grew weary of putting up with those bully cretins.  Eventually I set a goal of learning how to defend myself and getting into shape to successfully succeed in my endeavor to overcome those bullies.  I no longer used the chronic asthma I had been suffering from as an excuse not to stand up to them.  After learning I was not the only one dealing with the bully headache, I no longer felt sorry for myself and focused on stopping their madness. 

Across the #American landscape is a leftist/Soros-inspired gaggle of bullies.  They have been given their marching orders by radical, trash-talking congresswoman Maxine Waters and others. A tribe of leftist bullies were recently allowed to cause the indefinite closure of the ICE office in Portland, Oregon. Their hope is to permanently damage our republic by utilizing legions of illegal border crossers and leftist government policies that would return us to the dark decline that America experienced during the Obama regime.

 Bullywoman Way-Out Waters has proclaimed “They won’t be able to stop at a restaurant,” “they won’t be able to stop at a gas station!”  She even blabbed “God is on our side!”  I guess her God is Satan, who rules over her dark mind. 

Washed-up actor Peter Fonda wished to bully young Baron Trump and turn him over to pedophiles.  A left-wing activist mob harassed Florida Attorney General,  Pam Bondi and her boy friend at a movie theater.  One of the male bullies spat on Ms. Bondi’s hair.  Leftist bullies converged on the ICE office in Detroit, because of their sick desire for open borders and America’s destruction.

My fellow Americans, the time to act is now to protect, restore and preserve our republic.  If we do not fight back, we will have anyone but ourselves to blame if the leftist bullies and get away with wiping out our liberties and God-given unalienable rights.

 With God all things are possible, including overcoming and defeating the leftist bullies who have chosen to be our enemies from within.  It is time to fight back in the prayer booth, in the prayer closet, via self and property protection whenever the situation presents itself, etc.

 The United States is a nation of the rule of law. We must once again teach those laws and begin to follow them.  If not, the leftist bullies will receive the end resultof the confrontations they like to start.  God bless you my fellow Americans, God bless America and may America bless God.

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