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  • Child Border-Crossers Live Better Than Many American Children

    Child Border-Crossers Live Better Than Many American Children 
    Federal Money Spent Per Alien Child Is Higher Than Some Entire Household Incomes 

    By: Jake Fogg


    Unaccompanied illegal migrant children who are taken in by the United States have a higher standard of living than many American Children.

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  • Democrats To Repeal Tax Cuts!

    Democrats To Repeal Tax Cuts!
    Schumer Unveils New "Infrastructure" Plan
    By:Jake Fogg 

    The Democrat Party introduced their plan to repeal last year’s tax cuts to “fund infrastructure”. Politico reported that this would

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  • UK Issues Tommy Robinson Death Sentence!

    UK Issues Tommy Robinson Death Sentence! 
    Order Came Directly From Britain's Home Secretary Office 
    By:Jake Fogg 

    UK, London(istan)-It has been revealed that Tommy Robinson, who was jailed late last month for reporting outside a London court house has just been issued a

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  • Soros Invests $3 Million In Nation's Top Communist News Paper

    Soros Invested $3 Million In Nation's Top Communist News Paper In May
    Also Working With Google-YouTube To Silence Free Speech
    By:Jake Fogg 

    Progressive heavy hitter, George Soros bought a little over $3 million in stock holdings of the largest leftist  publisher in the United States, last month’s filings show.

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ACT for America, Grass-Roots Anti Sharia Rally-San Bernardino

Citizen Reporters Page
Arthur Christopher Shaper's Video in San Bernardino

 On Saturday, June 10, 2017, ACT for America staged , anti-Sharia  law rallies that took place in cities all over the United States. 

 Mainstream media sources such as the Washington Post, LA  Times,  Huffington Post, and many others mobilized to misreport  the rallies  as white supremacist “hate marches”. 

 With so much hatred existing within the mainstream media,  citizens  have taken it upon themselves to record footage and  provide  narration for what is happening.

 The Washington Post and other mainstream sources claim that  this  is a "white supremacist", comprised of "racists",  "Islamaphobes", and  "anti-government" militias.  

 However, it is apparent from this citizen reporter's camera lens and  interaction, that this the media's depiction of the "truth" is  questionable at best.