Time To Deal With The Enemies From Within

Time To Deal With The Enemies From Within

                             Time To Deal With The Enemies From Within Attacks From The Outside Come From Our Own...

Media Digs Itself A "Shithole"!
Donald Trump's Remarks Spark Stereotyping By Narrative-Focused Media
By:Jake Fogg 

The mainstream media was elated yesterday when, during a bi-partisan immigration meeting President Donald Trump allegedly asked why the United States is getting immigrants from so many “shithole countries”.

This, of course prompted an expected reaction by pundits who immediately went on the war path against a person that they already have disdain for—Donald Trump. 

But in this politically-motivated media environment, the true intent of Donald Trump’s candor was never evaluated. Instead, the mainstream media went on a blitz with Don Lemon of CNN calling the President a “racist” and Anderson Cooper crying during a segment where he spoke of individual people from these countries.

Referring to Haiti, El Salvador, and countries in Africa that have been hit by earthquakes and storms, the president did not actually say he had anything against the people or the racial makeup of the countries themselves.

What Donald Trump said embodied what many people in the U.S. already think. The governments of these countries lack infrastructure, make poor choices, are dirty, are corrupt, and do little to educate or protect their citizens.

The truth is, the United States continues to bring people in from countries that are not economically viable for “humanitarian reasons”.  A majority of them have very few skills and use public services, thus costing billions of dollars each year to support.

El Salvador’s greatest contribution to the US has been gang activity from MS13, which in many cases, is also subsidized by tax payers.  

In other words, these countries are indeed “shitholes”!  Why is that racist to say? Why is it racist to point out facts that are true? If the countries weren’t as the president described, why are the people from them all trying to get into the U.S.?

The truth is, this is simply another move from the leftist playbook. By calling it racism, the left seeks to render Trump insignificant and unimportant.  Yesterday, I wrote an article outlining the very same behavior from the press by the EU President.

On Tuesday, in a rant on Twitter, Guy Verhofstadt called Poland and Hungary racist for not permitting entrance to refugee immigrants, a policy which has largely been successful in preventing terror attacks and increased rapes in both countries.

His twitter storm attacked people whose “narrative of defense” he labeled “racism”. Verhofstadt has no room to talk. Both Hungary and Poland’s immigration policies have prevented issues that the rest of Europe has had to endure due to the EU President’s policies.

Why should Verhofstadt be allowed to define them as racist.  The security goals of Hungary and Poland are being met.  By Verhofstadt’s own logic, both countries should stop protecting their own people in order to satisfy his demand for diversity. 

In reality, the EU President likely just wants more power over those countries. To him, their policies which they enforce on their own terms, represent resistance to the Union and more so to himself.  His rant is really just a show of frustration of not having the power he desires.

The deep state media complex is no different. They are comprised of progressive globalists who have demonstrated disdain for the safety of the American people in the name of being “inclusive”.  Their policies have lead to an overtaxed welfare system where even illegal aliens can receive benefits, higher debts, and less value for income—all while destroying opportunities for future generations.

They do so in the name of political correctness, sacrifice, climate change, and multiculturalism. These media pundits don’t care about the people they say they are standing up for. They only want to advance power.

The people from these “shithole” countries represent a permanent underclass that the progressive globalists can act as “friends” to by offering  tax payer money. Moreover, these so-called friends point to the opposition and call them “racists” who “want to see you die” in order get more votes, and subsequently get more power.

The reality is that the opposition really only wants to protect citizens within its own borders and bring in people who will not bring with them values that contradict its own.  As it has already been witnessed in Europe, bringing in people from so-called shitholes has served to increase terror attacks and rapes.

In spite of this the left has been, on the surface, relatively successful in labeling anyone who supports border security and extreme vetting, as “racists”.  However, that is only on the surface. On social media and in conservative circles, there is little to suggest that Trump is losing supporters as a result of what he is accused of saying.







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