Time To Deal With The Enemies From Within

Time To Deal With The Enemies From Within

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Media Reports 'Trump Mentally Unfit' After Leftist Meeting With Yale Psych
According to MSM, All Republican Presidents Are 'Mentally Ill'
By:Jake Fogg 

CNN, a member of the deep-state media complex, reported that a progressive ideologue who is a Yale psychiatrist made a clinical statement regarding Donald Trump’s ability to govern, thus continuing an old narrative used by leftists on previous Republican Presidents of the past. 

This meeting that Dr. Brandy X. Lee conducted with members of Congress could very well violate the protocols of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to which the Yale doctor is bound. The APA bans psychiatrists from diagnosing patients without a formal examination.

Internet Deputy reached out to the APA regarding the psychiatrist’s meeting with lawmakers. The APA responded with a guidance blog post that stated, “It is fine for a psychiatrist to share their expertise about psychiatric issues in general.” It also pointed out, “Member psychiatrists should not give professional opinions about the mental state of someone they have not personally evaluated.

According to CNN, “A dozen lawmakers from the House and Senate received a briefing from Yale psychiatrist Dr. Brandy X. Lee about President Donald Trump’s fitness to be president,” on December 5th and 6th.

 While the Yale doctor refused to mention names of those who attended the meeting, she confirmed that the lawmakers were all ideological leftists. CNN reported that according to her, with exception to one progressive Republican, the rest were all Democrat members of either the house or the senate.

To most common sense oriented people, a public psychiatric diagnosis of the president by an opposing ideologue is suspect at the very least. But, this is nothing new for the media and its accomplices like Lee. For decades there have been attempts to portray various Republican presidents as “unfit” or “mentally ill”.

In the 1980’s Ronald Reagan was consistently attacked as “mentally unfit” by media pundits who, during his campaigns “feared what would happen if he had access to nuclear weapons.” This is almost verbatim, the very same allegation leveled at Donald Trump by the media in collusion with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

During  the Reagan presidencies the media implied and even claimed that he was becoming senile, “according to experts”, who, like the Yale doctor with Trump, never personally evaluated the president. Another allegation was that Ronald Reagan consulted psychics before making major decisions.

Ultimately, the media did everything within its power to portray President Reagan as a person who was slow, old, and teetering on the edge of insanity.

The reality is that the United States, under the Reagan Administration, saw economic expansion that brought millions of people out of poverty and created upward mobility that had not been experienced since the 1920s.  In addition his military was more powerful than it had ever been and his policies brought about the end of the Soviet Union, thus ending the Cold War.

President Ronald Reagan was not the only president or Republican contender to receive this type of maltreatment from the press. President George W. Bush faced his entire presidency with constant ridicule for everything that he did. His public speaking was consistently a topic of conversation for the media to poke fun of.

He was portrayed as everything from a warmongering madman, to a simpleton unable to make basic decisions. But, the leftist media doesn’t solely go after presidents. In fact, the list of those attacked by using “Rules for Radicals” methods of character-assassination, is very long.  

The media attacks essentially any high-profile person who dares to take a position that is contrary to narrative of the left.  In 2008 the media went on a campaign blitz to slaughter the character of then-Vice President Candidate, former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin. Palin, a female Republican contradicts the idea that only Democrats stand for women’s rights and that Republicans are anti women.

Sarah Palin was the subject of a smear campaign that literally involved her entire family, including her youngest child who is afflicted by Downs Syndrome. Saturday Night Live skits were dedicated to making Palin appear unintelligent and slow. The news media reported on her as if these skits were real, even taking her quotes from rallies and interviews out of context.  

In the case of President Donald Trump, the media complex has literally waged an all-out war. From the erroneous “Russian collusion” to false sex allegations and claims of uncontrolled temperament and mentality, Trump has perhaps endured the absolute worst that the press has ever engaged in.

President Trump, unlike most others who receive this treatment, has thus far, remained unscathed. This so-called meeting with Doctor Lee and members of congress is tantamount to a leftist girls club of ideologues engaging in the hatred of a common enemy. Adding to the club is the mainstream media who more than willing to report on it as if it was actual newsworthy information.

But this is also a likely attempt to plant the seed for the future potential option of exploiting Section IV of the 25th amendment to remove Donald Trump from office. This is a highly unlikely scenario that requires the Vice President as well as 13 other members of Trump’s cabinet to perform.

However, it would not be far-fetched for the deep state media complex to think that it could cause this to happen. By engaging in its standard of character smearing, the media just may believe that it can create enough pressure from the public to cause the cabinet members to succumb and remove the President from office.








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