Time To Deal With The Enemies From Within

Time To Deal With The Enemies From Within

                             Time To Deal With The Enemies From Within Attacks From The Outside Come From Our Own...

Washington Post Attacks Limbaugh, Parent Co Attacks Consumer
Ironically Post Attacks Show-Host Who Pointed Out What Amazon Took Part In

By:Jake Fogg

 The Washington Post attacked talk-show host, Rush Limbaugh, alleging that he suggested that “Hurricane Irma is Fake News”. However, the author of the articleThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., failed to report that Washington Post parent company, Amazon, was caught engaging in the very “storm hysteria” that Limbaugh asserted in yesterday’s program.

Limbaugh pointed out how the media uses major storms to stir people up which ultimately helps bring in more advertising dollars as increased attention is paid to storm coverage. He also showed how businesses benefit when a surge of worried consumers, stirred by the media, flock to buy up everything on the shelves.

The parent company of the Post, Amazon was caught gouging customers by raising the price of one of the cheapest brands of water, according to Business Insider.  A case which typically runs approximately $10 a case, was raised in some instances to $25 per case with an enormous increase in shipping costs for the case to arrive between now and the 11th of this month. In one case, a Twitter user reported $179.25 for “expedited delivery”

While Borchers tried to mis-categorize Limbaugh’s intention, Limbaugh never alleged or even suggested that the storm being reported was “fake news.  In fact, he talked about the focus that citizens should have and actually gave sound advice to those who worry about running out of bottled water, which is already in short supply in the state of Florida, where Hurricane Irma is due to hit this Sunday.

“For those of you in panic, there’s this thing in your kitchen called ‘sink’, and at the sink there’s this thing called a ‘faucet’…” He goes on to explain that most of the bottled water is really no different than what comes out of the tap, and suggests filling empty bottles with this unending supply is just as safe as what can be bought in stores.

However, in typical Washington Post fashion, author, Callum Borchers, simply chose sound-bites to focus on in order to spice up the Limbaugh-bashing media narrative that has existed for many years. Essentially, Borchers, by virtue of revisiting the smear of the famous talk-show host, indicates his own lack of investigative reporting talent in his failure to come up with real breaking news.’s attempt to contact Callum Borchers for comment was refused by himself and the Washington Post. Interested parties may attempt to contact him at his email address linked in this article. 





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