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Brave New America: Paving the Road to Dystopia
Written by The Deplorable Patriot, because America deserves better!
It is the classic Orwellian dystopian novel of a totalitarian superstate regime where individualism is punished and independent thinking is prosecuted as “thoughtcrime,” all the while living under the constant omnipresent surveillance of Big Brother.

NuCannaCo Science Limited: Cannabis Company Creates IPO Through Fraud
Written by The Vigilant Watch Dog
Securities fraud...
It is the deceptive white-collar crime in which a person or company misrepresents information to investors that influences them to make purchases or sale decisions. Such allegations are investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD).

Piercing the Veil: Obama's "Shadow Government"
Written by The Deplorable Patriot, because America deserves better!
A shadow government...

Conspiracy theorists have long postulated the existence of a secret government; a globalist supranational organization that is the true executive power behind the curtain. It is the notion that our visible, elected public officials and apparent government are in reality just mere puppets subservient to a shadow government that is pulling the strings.

Civilization Jihad: Islam’s Trojan Horse
Written by The Deplorable Patriot, because America deserves better!
The Trojan Horse...

It is the mythological tale of how the Greeks used a huge, hollow wooden horse filled with armed soldiers to break the stalemate of a fruitless 10-year siege with the city of Troy. Left behind by the departing Greeks as an offering to Athena, the Trojans wheeled the horse into their city as a victory trophy, unaware that they had just allowed the enemy within their gates!

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